10 Attributes – Characteristics of a True Leader

10 Attributes – Characteristics of a True Leader

After years of working with individuals to global corporate executive management teams, I have reached the conclusion that there are ten very distinct attributes of a true leader. And while most leaders are born, I strongly believe others can be cultivated.

Here are my picks for top 10 attributes/characteristics of a true leader:

High intelligence balanced with strong common sense

Innate skills with strategy and planning

Shrewdness and a gift for negotiation

Clear and consistent vision matched with flexibility to change course if/as needed

Ability to take calculated risks (as opposed to simply being a risk taker) and with uniform success

Talent for building a well-rounded core team coupled with encouraging open discourse and independent thinking

Aptitude for building consensus without demanding unconditional allegiance

Adept at and commitment to deflecting obstacles to team success

High level of self confidence balanced with compassion and empathy

Humane sense of humor

You will notice that I make no mention of business acumen, industry expertise, or other specifics. This is because my goal with this list is to identify general leadership qualities. With regard to creativity, I see it as a common thread across and throughout these attributes.

In closing I am here to tell you that true leaders produce incredibly high and consistent results for their organizations and through their motivated teams. I am also here to tell you that politics-driven enterprise success is a myth.

Because while such organizations can produce seemingly big results, they could be many times more prosperous through enlightened management. Proof is in the numbers and I’ve seen the impressive supportive data for myself.

By   Nathan  Dean

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