10 Things you should ask your Team Building provider

10 Things you should ask your Team Building provider

There are many companies that present themselves to be “Teambuilding” companies. These companies rarely deliver a true “teambuilding” experience. These organisations copy ideas and formats from true teambuilding companies and in effect deliver an experience rather than an actual Teambuilding event.

They tend to run a home based business, originate from backgrounds such as fitness trainers, use friends and acquaintances to assist them in the running of events, provide no training to staff and imitate successful programs from true market innovators.

More often than not the prices they charge do not represent the true costs of running a quality focused team building event and rely on being the cheapest provider. This however is not comparing apples to apples.

Don’t be enticed by this kind of provider. If something does go wrong you could be left holding the bag from a financial perspective and also from dissatisfied employees. You could also end up achieving the opposite effect and have less team moral at the end of the experience than what you had at the beginning.

10 Things you should ask your Team Building provider

1) Do you have public liability insurance?
You would be surprised as to the number of providers who don’t carry PLI.

If something happens to your staff and your provider is not insured it could become very expensive for your organisation

2) Have you carried out a risk assessment on the activity.

Again many providers don’t give a second thought as to the potential risks involved and courses of action in case something does go wrong

3) How experienced is the Event team

Many providers utilise staff with absolutely no experience in team building. These providers will give you an experience, not a teambuilding event.

4) How professional is your organisation?

Do you have support staff? Do you have an office? Or do you work from home with a mobile number as a contact?

5) If you are organising a large event does your provider have the necessary experience on this scale?

Running an event for 20 people is vastly different to running an event for 120 people.

6) Does your provider have a wet wether plan in case your outdoor event can’t be run due to bad weather?

7) Does your event provider have staff who are first aid qualified?

8) What is included in the price quoted. Are there any essential add ons?

9) Can your event supplier provide 3 recent references?

10) Is your Event provider running the event themselves or will they sub-contract out the management?

By John Benson

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