101 Businesses That Will Make You an Extra 500 Next Month

101 Businesses That Will Make You an Extra 500 Next Month

Tired of your 9-to-5? Here are some ideas to add to your income.

Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind? Do you just want to get out of debt? Do you want to start putting money away for your retirement or dream vacation?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then it’s time that you started side hustling. It may sound too difficult for you, but it’s not as bad as you may believe. You can actually start a side business almost immediately. And, most of the time, this new venture has a low-cost to enter.

Don’t trust me? Here are 101 businesses that meet that criteria and can put an additional $500 in your bank account by next month.

More than 53 million Americans have given-up the 9-to-5 daily grind to become freelancers. Freelancer can work from wherever they like and set their own schedules, so it’s a great choice for anyone looking to make a couple of extra hundred bucks a month.

1. User experience design
This is one of the fastest growing freelance jobs and involves designing products that are easy-to-use and enhances the user experience for website and and app users. The average national salary is a sold $87,883!

2. Graphic designer
Graphic designers develop logos, websites and visual advertisements for their clients. Full-time graphic designers can make around $45,000-$79,000 annually starting out depending on where they live. Here is a our guide to becoming a graphics designer.

3. Writer
One of the most popular freelancing gigs is writing. Whether if it’s for a blog post or advertising copy or writing legal documents, writers can make anywhere between $10 to $100 per hour.

4. ASP developer
There’s a demand for developers who can edit and customize web pages using the Active Server Pages. The reason? It runs parallel with HTML5.

5. Webpage developer
Every business is expected to have a website these days. That’s why they’re willing to hire people to build sales pages, landing pages and other web designs to improve the bottom line. Even if you don’t have mad coding skills, you can still offer this service if you have some marketing skills and an eye for detail.

6. Social media marketer
Like websites, brands are expected to have a presence on social media. Social media marketers are the people in charge of launching a social media campaign. They can make around $46,000 annually.

7. Photographer
Photography is another popular freelancing gig. Just make sure that you have your niche down first. This could be a wedding photography, taking pictures of products or even snapping property for realtors. Here is our guide to becoming a photographer.

8. Animator
There’s a growing demand for freelancers who can draw illustrations for commercials, infographics or logos. They can earn about $35 per hour.

9. Video editor
As more and more brands look to create video content, there’s a need for editors to fix errors and add video or audio content. Full-time editors can make more than $60,000 annually.

10. Voice actor
Do you have a “golden” voice? If so, you can earn between $56 to $72 per hour doing voice work for ads, games, e-learning or audiobooks.

11. App developer
Developing apps for mobile devices is a booming business where full-time developers make around $85,000 a year!

12. Virtual assistant
Virtual assistants handle everything from organizing emails, managing social media and blog posts, making travel arrangements and scheduling. These remote workers can charge up to $50-$75/hour.

13. Proofreader
Proofreaders just review written documents to make sure that there aren’t any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors.

14. Audio transcribing
You’re sent an audio file by a company. You then listen to the file, type it-out and send the document back to the company. Talented transcriber can easily make $500 a month.

15. Data mining
There’s been a lot of talk about big data. But, most people and companies don’t have the time to discuss this information. That’s where you come-in and analyze the data so that you can notice any trends. Full-time date miners can make a salary of about $60,000 annually.

As a consultant you use your existing experience or skills to help businesses solve one of the following problems.

16. Human resources
HR involves tasks like scouting, hiring and training talent. Today, HR also oversees organizational leaders and handles strategic initiatives like mergers and acquisitions.

17. Public relations
The main responsibility of PR consultants is to control what people think about a person, business, or products. They also manage damage control when a mistake, like an executive sending out an inappropriate tweet.

18. IT
Information Technology consultants recommend hardware and software and troubleshoot any issues when a system crashes.

19. Marketing
Marketing consultants develop strategies to help businesses promote, sell and distribute their goods or services. Here is our guide to becoming a better consultant.

20. Financial
These types of consultants cover a wide arrange of areas like advisors who can help businesses and individual with financial advice like how to balance their books, establish a budget or suggest investment opportunities. There are also tax accountants who notify you of the latest regulations and which deductions you can claim.

21. Legal
In short, a legal consultant provides advice on how a client can identify, avoid and solve any legal matters like ownership of intellectual property, real estate or employee contracts.

22. Business systems and performance improvement
These consultants guide businesses in implementing business systems and handling conversion and integration, or repair any existing issues.

23. Internet security
Security is a major concern for businesses, so the security of computers, for both businesses or individuals, pays around $51 per hour.

24. Startup
Have you ever launched a startup? Or, at least been a part of an early start-up team, then share your experiences and knowledge, like how to be lean and make a pitch to investors and how to be lean. I’ve found that most startup founders (after their first year) on average pay themselves around $54 per hour.

25. Green
With an increasing amount of pressure for people and organizations to be more environmentally-friendly, these consultants provide advice on how to become, well, more “green.”

26. Personal chef
Are you known for your delicious, home-cooked meals? People who don’t have the time, or skills, will gladly pay you to cook for them.

27. Caterer
Similar to being a personal chef, catering allows you to still show off your culinary skills, but instead of cooking daily meals for a client, you just focus on one or two events during the weekend.

28. Baker
If you’re an excellent baker, then you can start selling your baked goods to your friends, neighbors, online or at local farmer’s markets and bazaars.

29. Painter
Whether if it’s drawing caricatures at fairs or local parks, painting portraits that a client will display in their office, or selling your pieces online, this is another hobby that can earn you some extra income.

30. Musical tutor
Regardless of the instrument, there is definitely a market for people wanting to learn how to play a musical instrument. You can do this in your home or even start a subscription-based website.

31. YouTube personality
Believe it or not, creating and publishing videos on YouTube has made a lot people millionaires. With video content at an all-time high, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take a piece of this pie.

32. Woodworking
If you make handmade wooden crafts for fun then start selling on Etsy or your local farmer’s market.

33. Knit or crochet
Another popular handmade market is for knitted items like blankets, shawls, and clothing. Again, Etsy is a great place to start selling these items.

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