2 Traffic Generators That Can Benefit Your Website

2 Traffic Generators That Can Benefit Your Website

There are many people online who like to call themselves “online marketing experts”, but they don’t have a single clue as to how to go about marketing their website. You typically find this a lot in online forums. Sometimes the questions that you hear from these people are just absolutely absurd.

For example, you will in the forums that someone is asking the other forum members how to get traffic to their website, and when you look into their blog signature, it says, “Here’s how I make $5,000 a month with my internet business”. This makes me shake my head all the time.

You can’t be like this if you’re looking to build a solid online business. Stick to what you know. Don’t follow the gurus and their outrageous claims, because even some of the “gurus” aren’t telling you the truth either. They are good at marketing their website all across the internet, but when you finally purchase their $100 course, you find that it’s full of fluff.

If I were you, I would start with the basics. Stick with the proven methods of generating traffic, and you will be good to go. In fact, I want to go over with you some tips of how you can start getting more traffic to your website, and how you can boost your overall results simply and easily. Here’s traffic tip number 1:

1) YouTube videos

There are people raking in a ton of traffic with YouTube. It’s best to show your face on your videos talking into the camera, or interviewing someone. But if you’re camera shy, there are video creation software out there on the internet that you can use to create your video. 2 good ones are “Camstudio”, and “Camtasia”.

Your YouTube videos don’t have to be long. After you create them, put together a simple marketing plan that will allow you to get more hits to your videos. This is a good way to make your video look popular, and this will cause you to get more clicks to your videos. Here’s another traffic tip that you should use:

2) Blogging

I like to blog. Everyday I create new blog posts and I share them with my email newsletter subscribers. They love it and they keep coming back for more. The trick with blogging is being consistent with it. Some people say create 1 blog post per week. But you need to be more active than this.

You have 2 main blog hosting services: Blogger and WordPress. I personally find Blogger to be easier to maintain and use; but a lot of people use WordPress as their number 1 blog provider. Both services can yield you good results. Use the one that you feel is easier to use.

These 2 tips for getting traffic to your website are simple and easy to do. It’s up to you to start implementing these techniques into your business today – because more than likely, its success depends on it.

By  Robert  Holiday

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