3 Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing Revealed

3 Benefits Of Joint Venture Marketing Revealed

Joint ventures (JV’s) are deals that carry a lot of benefits with it. These benefits are things that should want to do joint ventures all the time. I can remember the first time I did a joint venture with someone online. It was a taste of greatness. From there I wanted to launch a JV with every possible online business owner in my niche.

So are you anxious to know what some of the benefits of joint venture marketing are? Is so then great! I want to share with you some of the reasons why I can’t stop using joint ventures. They’re just so awesome. Here’s the first benefit when using joint venture marketing in your online business today.

1) Immediate business

Depending on your situation and your long term goals, you don’t need to have a product, service, or a list. If you have a product or service, you can team up with someone who has a list – but not a product. If you have a list of 100,000 – but no product… you can team up with someone who has the right product, but not the list to make money with.

This is how small companies can make money quickly online. They go into these niches, seek out JV partners, offer them a deal, and within no time at all, they’re already making money. Now while I’m not suggesting that this is a “get rich quick” model… all I’m saying is that you can earn money relatively fast with a joint venture. And it’s for free. The only other free marketing medium that got me sales within 3 days was article marketing.

Here’s another benefit of doing JV marketing:

2) You’re perceived as an expert

No matter what side of the JV you’re on, you can get perceived as an expert. If you have the product, your partner can help to position you as an authority and an expert in your field. If you have the list, you can position your partner as someone who is of tremendous value in the field, and your list will perceive you as an expert also because you’re surrounding yourself with experts in your niche.

Some of your list will even know who your JV partner is, and will think it’s cool that you and your partners know each other. Here’s another benefit of JV marketing:

3) You get free money

A joint venture is like selling to your own customer database. It doesn’t cost you any money to do so. Everything can be automated… your sales letter, your email cycle, the ordering process… EVERYTHING. Plus, since it’s online, you can do all of these things for free.

Along with all of these things, you can earn money in a short time period. Depending on the mechanics of your joint venture, you can make money within the first email to your JV partner’s list or website. This should get you excited because you don’t have to waste money on advertising anymore.

And who knows… you might be able to run the campaign over and over and over again into the future – thereby bringing you free sales for a long, long time.

Joint venture marketing is something that I adore, and it’s something that I think you would enjoy also.

By Andrew Adamson

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