3 Insurance Marketing Strategies to Generate More Leads

3 Insurance Marketing Strategies to Generate More Leads

Insurance is a tough business. Most people only think about their policy when they have to make a claim. They only consider the negatives like “if I make a claim my rates will go up”. When they search online for a new carrier most people only consider price.

How do you break through the common misperceptions that people have about insurance and get them to call? How can you reveal to prospects that finding a great policy requires more than a 15 minute phone call to a call center?

You might not be able to get people to change people’s view on insurance, but you can put key strategies into action that will bring you more customers who are eager for a new policy. I invite you to consider the following three strategies to get more prospects calling daily.

Insurance White Paper – Let people know you are a different type of agent or broker. Share with prospects a white paper that breaks down the common myths of finding insurance. This piece of your marketing strategy has a long life span, easily gets shared among friends, and demonstrates your expertise.

Email Follow Up – Most people feel that there are “bad leads” due to a lack of follow up. To get more from every lead that makes a request from you, consider writing an email series that educates prospects about the challenges of finding insurance. You can write a series of emails that follow up with prospects for a 30, 60, or even 180 day period. When you focus on emails that inform and educate prospects will feel compelled to call you for help with their policies.

Article Marketing – Articles are one of the easiest and most productive methods for getting traffic and demonstrating expertise. You can submit the articles you create on many free sites. It gives you an edge in the search engines, sends direct traffic, and identifies you as an expert in your field. Consider making it a habit to write 2-3 articles weekly to keep new prospects contacting you.

A balanced insurance marketing strategy will include an item of value (your white paper), great email follow up, and a consistent way to bring new prospects to your website daily. Taking each of these elements of marketing to the max will have you closing more policies weekly.

By John Benson

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