3 Ways of How to Get More Traffic to Your Website Free

3 Ways of How to Get More Traffic to Your Website Free

Without any doubts, traffic is the life and soul of any online business on the Internet. Even if you have high conversion website, without any traffic to your specially designed website, I would say the website is useless.

For you as an internet marketer, it is important that you learned the ways of how generate traffic to your website. More people visiting your website, more potential customers your site would have. And with high conversion, you will profit in no time with unlimited flow of targeted traffic visiting your site.

Generating traffic online can be tough. People do pay thousands of dollars to get traffic online. However, to many internet-marketing beginners especially those who are on shoe-string budget, it is quite a burden. Paying for traffic sometimes can get out of control if you do not manage properly. So, are there ways of how to generate free traffic to your website?

For me, to generate free traffic to your website is the best traffic you can get online. Below, I will share with you 3 ways of how to get more traffic to your website free.

  1. a) Writing a Blog

Writing a blog post related to your web site, is a great way of getting traffic to you site. Search engine loves contents which publish on Internet. So for this, search engine would reward you back in ranking your blog post high in page rank. Your blog posts can contain many key terms that related to your website. Thus, getting ranked higher in search engine, your website would potentially get more traffic over time and most importantly, is free.

  1. b) Web Directories

Submitting your webpage to established web directories is another way of getting traffic to your webpage for free. Many of the web directories are high in traffic and are ranked high in search engine. Thus, web directories will not only bring more traffic to your website, but also will help your website to rank well on the search engine.

  1. c) Search Engine Optimization

If you optimize your website for search engine optimization, you will get unlimited traffic to your website. Optimizing your website with high search volume key phases but low in competition will draw lots of free traffic to your webpage. With proper search engine optimization techniques and using keyword tool, your website would potentially get more traffic than what you could have imagined.

So, getting traffic to your website does not cost you a fortune. But, it is also not easy. It does take hard work and time to get the traffic. With proper techniques, you can draw a lot of free traffic. Master those techniques until your website do get huge flow of traffic. You just need to be consistent and take your time.

By  Andrew  Adamson

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