5 Free Advertising Methods For a Work at Home Entrepreneur

5 Free Advertising Methods For a Work at Home Entrepreneur

There are many free advertising methods which are as effective as paid strategies.
Twitter Is A Work At Home Goldmine
Twitter is like the internet version of text messaging. You have 140 characters to make an impact statement.

5 Free Advertising Methods For a Work at Home Entrepreneur

My recipe for twitter success:
1.) Have Fun
2.) Make Friends
3.) Add Value
4.) Do Not Pay Attention To The Number Of People Following You

Don’t fall into the competitive trap. Twitter is an effective free advertising tool only if used properly. Tweet about things which interest you. Make friends, not followers. Add value with each tweet. The ratio of non-ad to ad tweets should be about 10:1. Even though you’re marketing a work at home venture nobody wants to see an endless flow of advertisements. People seek value. Share your knowledge with 10 tweets and advertise your opportunity with the 11th.


Facebook is a social networking site which is work at home friendly. Set up an account. Build your personal profile. Customize it. Many make the mistake of not expressing their full personality on Facebook. Your uniqueness separates you from others. Stress It!

I advertise on Facebook sparingly. Treat it like twitter. For every 7 or so posts sprinkle in an ad. Any advertising beyond that may be perceived as spamming.

Search for groups related to your niche. Make friends. Set personalized messages to each friend you’d like to add.

Run A Work At Home Blog

Blogging expands your presence on the web. Discuss your niche and a side interest. Try to publish one post daily.

Share knowledge. Focus on providing fresh and relevant content. A blog should not be a running advertisement for your work at home product or service.

Article Marketing

Establish yourself as a work at home authority. Publish articles ezinarticles, articledashboard.com, and amazines.com. These three directories carry a high page rank. The higher the page rank the more prominent the articles appear on search engine results
Write on topics which interest you. Branch out from your niche. This is network marketing.


Find reputable, high ranking blogs which are relevant to the work at home niche. Look for quality content and high readership. Read a post which interests you and provide a useful comment.

Comments should add value. ‘Comment drive-bys’ are all too familiar to anybody who reads work at home blogs. The comment field gives you a chance to advertise your intelligence. Stick to the subject matter. Don’t advertise your website. Don’t Spam!


Be innovative. If everybody else is doing it, it probably doesn’t work that well. Even if your mentor advised you to used competitive tactics ignore them. Rise above the herd. Seek to add value through each free advertising method.

By John Hester

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