5 Quick Tips to Increase Sales For Executives, Businesses, Sales Coaches and Consultants

5 Quick Tips to Increase Sales For Executives, Businesses, Sales Coaches and Consultants

This morning another business coach connected with me about closing sales. These connections happen on a weekly basis. I still cannot believe how many executive to sales coaches are still clueless about how to increase sales.

Generating revenue is not necessarily easy, but it is simple provided you have the right message and the right tool to for that message. For those within the coaching industry, the mostly used tool is their website and therein lies the problem. And this is a very big problem!

Now I am not a professed Internet marketing expert nor a search engine optimization guru. However, my little old website gets 3 to 5 times or more the traffic than these coaches who appear to be crying for leads as well as earning (a.k.a. closing) more sales. During the last 4 to 5 years, I invested the time necessary to learn what I needed to know.

If you believe you do not have time, then do you waste at least 12 minutes per day?

So here are five (5) quick tips to improve your website and increase sales.

First run do not walk to Alex.com and download the Alexa tool box. This is a great supporting tool to determine your physical traffic ranking compared to all other websites on the Internet. Also, if someone tells you they can increase visitors to your site, check them out first at Alexa just to make sure they are not blowing a lot of hot air while looking to grab your hard earned bucks.

Second, look to the blue title bar are the top of your browser. If the name of your company is first, this is probably not a good sign unless you are some well-known company because most people are not searching for the name of your business.This title bar should be keyword rich and limited to around 80 characters including spaces. Also, you may wish to include your geographic location.

Third, investigate your source code. This can be found under the View button on your Internet Browser. Open up that button and look for Page Source or the word source. Here is the HTML language for your website. After that page opens, you need to find keywords and see what words are present.

If there are none, this suggests one reason why no one can find you on the web. However, if there are words there make sure they are current and have around a 3% saturation on the physical page. What that means is the key word appears no more than 3 times for every 100 words of content.

Fourth, again within the same source code, look for the word description. This is the description of your site when someone brings it up during an Internet search. Again, this should be keyword rich and to the point.

Fifth, invest in a proven strategic goal driven action plan. What I know is for those folks who attempt to do this the first time without any help is very muck like the dentist who works on his or her own teeth. An outside pair of eyes with no vested interest can be a great asset to you as you move your business forward.

If you truly wish to increase sales be you an Executive Coach to Business Consultant, update your website and make sure you have a goal driven action plan. For without both, you may find fewer leads and remain in the majority of those who never realize $100,000 in revenue.

By  Julian  Bush

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