5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Be a Magnet For New Customers

5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Be a Magnet For New Customers

Small businesses which are still not using social media in reaching out to existing and potential customers are missing out a lot. With the way the world works today, almost all the far reaches of the earth have access to the internet. And being so, it would be best to make use of many social media at your disposal.

A few examples include Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, LinkedIn and a lot more. Most consumers use these social sites when they are searching for information about certain products, services or any interests. So, you are losing potential sales if your business is not present in any of these online venues.

These are the fundamental reasons why social media can attract more customers:

Free. You don’t have to spend anything when you use social media and that should be reason enough for you to take advantage of those that would suit the marketing needs of your business. You will have the opportunity to make your business known to millions of viewers worldwide without taking a single penny from your pocket.
Easy. Even grade schoolers are using social networking so there’s no reason why you can’t. If you want to post something about your products or services, you can just copy and paste items when creating your own account.
Flexible. There are many available options with the various social media most commonly used by businesses today. You can include pictures with description, send an audio to a podcast or upload a video commercial. Take note that you are sending out links to your own site every time you do any of these thereby increasing the likelihood of keeping existing clients and attracting potential customers at the same time.
Green. You are also being eco-friendly when you use social media because the use of ink and paper is eliminated in the process. You no longer have to spend on postcards, flyers, magazines and newspapers for ads thus indirectly saving trees and the environment in general.
Fun. Being a part of social networking sites can be truly entertaining. That explains why more and more people are joining the trend. Social sites wouldn’t have achieved their present popularity if members are not enjoying what they are doing with their accounts.
True enough, social media can play a very significant role in marketing your products and services. Keep posting updates on your accounts and profiles then observe how your business will increase in sales and rise to success.

By John Hester

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