5 Sales Coaching Tips to Get More Appointments

5 Sales Coaching Tips to Get More Appointments

What does every professional service salesperson need? More appointments with more qualified prospects. Yet, many salespeople fight this daily struggle and feel like they’re losing the battle.

Your current efforts to fill your appointment calendar may not be working because you’re making small mistakes that have a huge impact.

Communicate a specific message that is meaningful to the people you want to reach

Use the right media or tools to present your communication

Include clear directions for what you want the receiver to do and why it would be to their benefit to follow your direction

Include a low risk offer that gets the receiver to act and reach out to you

Plan how you will follow-up and follow through with the prospects that have reached out to you in a way that provides value to them.
You have to put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Knowing them the way you do think about what interests them, and what they want. Think about how they’d feel receiving your communication.

How can you help them to get what they want with the least amount of effort and risk? When your communications are about the prospect and their wants, you’re able to attract more people who want to meet with you to have a sales conversation. And because you both clearly know why you’re meeting and what the prospect wants, you close more business.

Make sure you follow the 5 sales coaching tips I’ve just shared with you so you can get more appointments with the right people. One of the biggest mistakes sales professionals make is trying to use pre-packaged communications that don’t match the interests of your prospects. Plus those types of communications don’t filter the prospects to sort out the ones you’re most likely to work with and serve well.

By Daniel Blare

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