5 Secrets For Boosting Your Website Traffic On A Shoe String Budget

5 Secrets For Boosting Your Website Traffic On A Shoe String Budget

One of the major problems that webmasters often face is how to get web traffic. If you are new in the business of traffic-building, things can be difficult.

Another thing to consider is your marketing budget. Of course, you will be able to reach more people if you have a bigger budget. But what if you have limited funds?

Don’t worry because there are a lot of ways on how to boost your site’s traffic even if you are working with a shoestring budget. These ways include the following:

  1. Give away eBooks for free. You may have some second thoughts in this method on how to get web traffic since you are basically giving out content for free. Why give something for free when you can put a price tag on it right? Wrong. There’s a reason why majority of the most successful marketers today keep on giving out their eBooks for free. The act not only drives traffic, it builds influence and boosts your business brand as well.
  1. Set up a blog. Setting up a blog is very easy. If you want a free blog, there are several free blogging platforms out there like Blogger, WordPress and LiveJournal. Another advantage of blogs is the fact that search engines love them because they are updated with fresh content on a regular basis. Blogging is also a great way to connect and build relationships with your target customers.
  1. Start writing a newsletter. This is very effective for list building. To get more people to sign up with your newsletter, you should prominently display a sign up form in your website or blog.
  1. Participate in forums. Referred to as forum marketing, this involves being active in forums that are related to the topics of your website.
  1. Exchange links with other websites with high popularity (PR) ranks. For best results, you should only exchange links with other websites who belong to the same niche as your website. This way, the SEO benefits are much more valuable and your website receives targeted traffic.

Using the above tips on how to get web traffic can significantly improve your website’s traffic levels. You should keep on using them on a regular basis.

Consistency is the key here. If you set up a blog today but leave it not updated for long periods of time, you are completely missing the point. That said; try to update your blog as often as possible. Same with the other methods mentioned above.

By  Noah  Kirk

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