5 Solid Reasons Why Articles Are the Most Effective Tools For Driving Laser Targeted Web Traffic

5 Solid Reasons Why Articles Are the Most Effective Tools For Driving Laser Targeted Web Traffic

Article marketing is still one of the best strategies on how to increase website traffic. Besides the fact that you can do it almost for free, it drives highly targeted to your website as well. Additionally, it has valuable SEO benefits due to the links you place in the resource boxes within your articles.

The top article directories today have very high page ranks so they really help in boosting your search rankings.

Here are the top reasons why articles are very effective tools in driving laser targeted web traffic to your website.

  1. Articles help in turning you into an expert. Having influence is very important if you are running a website. And to have influence, you must first establish yourself as an expert in your field. One way to achieve this is through article marketing.

Whether you are submitting articles to directories or guest posting on other websites, every article you feed online helps in establishing you as an expert. It will be much easier to market to people if you are perceived as a leader in your field.

  1. Article marketing is a very affordable technique in driving traffic. It’s no secret that article marketing is one of the cheapest ways on how to increase website traffic. If you are writing the articles yourself, you have but your time and efforts to invest.
  1. Articles can go viral. This is because your articles have the possibility of being published in directories, ezines, and websites with your website’s URL in them. This is commonly called article syndication. The goal is to have your articles picked up by as many article outlets as possible. For this to happen, you have to allow other people to republish your articles.
  1. Articles will continue on driving traffic towards your website for a long time. As long as the articles aren’t deleted or removed, they’ll keep on pushing visitors to your site. Your articles won’t stop bringing you traffic just as long as they remain published. The SEO juice they pass also grows in value over time.
  1. Articles help in boosting your site’s visibility in the search engines. The SEO value in article marketing lies in the resource boxes of the articles that you submit. The links in these resource boxes are counted by search engines as back links to your site.

If you really want to learn how to increase website traffic, then article marketing is a technique you should master. The more articles you put out there, the more targeted visitors you push towards your website.

By  Noah  Kirk

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