5 Steps to Building Great Client Relationships

5 Steps to Building Great Client Relationships

  1. Make a list of everyone you know. Think of all the people you come in contact with daily, weekly, monthly even annually. It can be someone like your dry cleaner, to your mechanic, family member, co-worker, to you doctor, just for some examples. You’ll be surprised by all the people you come across in all of these categories. Don’t hold back. Get creative ad imaginative.

  1. Create an “introduction” letter or an “apology” letter. So what’s the difference between these two letters? An” introduction” letter you’ll send to potential clients to educate them about your business. Include what you do and how you may help them or someone they know. An “apology” letter would be for a past or present client that you’ve not been staying in touch with and you want to remind them you’re here and how you may help them or someone they know.
  1. Make a phone call to the people you sent your letter to. This letter has given you an excuse to call them. Be sure to ask if they have or may have interest in what you can provide or do they know of anyone?
  1. Write a follow-up hand written note. This is very powerful and people appreciate that you took the time to think of them personally.
  1. Do “check in” calls on a monthly basis. People’s agendas change all the time. You want to stay in front of them and be sure you’re there when they’re ready to proceed. Make these calls short and to the point. Let them know you’ll check in on a monthly basis so your call is always expected and not a nuisance.

Thinking big with your business is always about building quality relationships with clients who love you and want to tell everyone about you!

All of these 5 steps are low cost and pack a powerful punch if followed consistently. That really is the big golden key!

By   Andrew   Clapton

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