5 Tips to Get More Done As a Leader

5 Tips to Get More Done As a Leader

If you are like most leaders, chances are you have no trouble in generating lots of ideas, options and solutions. On the other hand, how strong are you at getting from the idea to implementation to results stage?

Truth is sometimes the most creative folks are not necessarily the people who can make it happen. So what are 5 tips for getting more done and getting better results as a leader?

Tip 1: Be clear about the goals

Goals are talked about a lot and, at some level, everyone understands that they matter. In my experience, defining clearly the goals that you want to achieve is sometimes a real challenge. A clear goal should give you a precise indication of what will be different once achieved. A 5 % reduction in days lost due to sickness compared to the last year is clear and manageable. Take the time to get clear on your goals and write them out explicitly.

Tip 2: Know what you do best

It’s key that you know what you do best and then do that most of the time. Why? Quite simply because, no matter how hard you work, you only have so much time available in a day and can only achieve so much.

Tip 3: Build a team with other skills

So often when we are recruiting we employ people who are like us, when in reality we want people who have skills that complement our own. When you do this, more gets achieved because you leverage the strengths of each individual.

Tip 4: Delegate and empower

“No-one can do it as well as me”, I hear you say. You might be right or you might be wrong. At the same time, if you are not going to delegate and empower people, you will never achieve your true potential as a leader.

Tip 5: Remember you job is to lead

Leaders orchestrate things, clear the path, bring people together, set the direction, get the support and build the relationships amongst other things. If you find that you are spending too much time doing stuff, step back and remind yourself that your job first and foremost is to lead and execute.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, as a leader, you are judged on results. So what do you need to start doing to get better results as a leader?

By   Nathan  Dea

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