5 Ways Insurance Letters Can Boost Your Revenues

5 Ways Insurance Letters Can Boost Your Revenues

Eventually, it gets to the point where the same old insurance ads simply stop working. You advertise the services that your insurance company has, but the truth is that all insurance ads tend to look the same to the people who actually see them. That is when you need to do something different to market your business. You have to step outside the box and do something that the rest of the insurance agents in your area are not doing. And that task is going to be you sending prospects in your area letters that tell them about you.

A letter may seem like something that is very simple, but there is actually some strategy involved. Here are 5 ways that you can use the letter to make your revenues grow:

Due to the affordability of insurance letters as a marketing tool, you will save money when you compare this method to other marketing methods. Because of its low cost, you will receive a return on your investment over and over again. A single new client can provide a return on investment and then some on a single letter marketing campaign.

Customized insurance letters can make a person feel like you’re speaking directly to them. You may have an existing customer who has an auto insurance policy with your agency, but they don’t have life insurance or homeowner’s insurance. If they were to have all of these with your agency, they could receive a discount. By sending letters to these individuals, offering them a discount for taking out other policies with you, you can grow your revenue when they find that they can save money.

Always start off with some kind of offer. Think about what you can offer new and existing customers through your agency. Maybe it is a free gift, a certain percentage off of their first month, or another promotion that you may find appropriate. If you start the letter off with an offer, they are more likely to respond. And when they respond, there is a good chance they will find that your company is the best.

Any time you get a new insurance product, let both customers and non-customers know through a letter marketing campaign. Send them a letter letting them know of the changes and get their attention.

And if you find that it is hard to mail letters to all of the non-customers in your area, divide it up in groups. Operate several campaigns. There is someone in there that doesn’t have some kind of insurance and they will come to you when they see that you made an effort to contact them. You can also ask your customers for referrals in order to get to the non-customers.

And if you don’t have the time or the manpower to write these effective insurance marketing letters, you can look into getting a software program that takes care of it for you. It is a program that allows you to tell it what you want and it will generate the letter. This is great when running different marketing campaigns. But what is greater is the revenue that you will be able to build.

By Michael Williams

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