5 Ways to Be a More Effective Manager and Leader

5 Ways to Be a More Effective Manager and Leader

There are more and more demands on everyone in the workplace, especially managers and leaders. The bar is continually raised and many managers and leaders respond by investing in building more skills and knowledge. While building skills and knowledge is vital, so is making powerful lifestyle choices. So what can you do over and above continued professional development to be a more effective manager and leader?

  1. Get enough sleep

We can all do long hours and late nights from time to time, but the reality is that this is not sustainable over a long period of time without impacting on your productivity and effectiveness. We all have different needs when it comes to sleep, so make a point of establishing how much sleep you need per night to be at your best and try to get as close as possible to the number of hours you need.

  1. Take holidays

It is claimed that a large proportion of people do not take their full allocation of holiday or vacation time. While you may not be able to go away on a trip each time you have holidays, you can still use the time to recharge your batteries or do some of the things that are difficult to find time to do normally. If you are someone who lets the diary get filled up before starting to think about holidays, try blocking out your holiday weeks at the start of each calendar year.

  1. Take regular exercise

You do not need to spend hours working out every day. Simply doing some form of intensive exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes can make a real difference to your productivity. It can also help to reduce levels of stress. Remember there are 168 hours in a week. Would it not be worth 1.5 hours of that time to become more effective as a manager or leader?

  1. Eat sensibly

The fast pace of work requires you to keep your energy levels up. Eating sensibly and regularly is an important part pf functioning effectively as a manager or leader. Avoid the temptation whenever possible to skip lunch or eat it on the run. Setting aside a short period of time to eat will pay dividends in the long run.

  1. Create thinking time

It is all too easy to keep doing all of the time. Trouble is that when you are doing all of the time, you create no space to think, plan and reflect. As a manager or leader, these are essential tasks, so start creating time in your schedule to think, plan and reflect.

By John Benson

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