6 of the Most Powerful “Must Reads” For Gaining and Sustaining Influence

6 of the Most Powerful “Must Reads” For Gaining and Sustaining Influence

The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader – Written by John C Maxwell, this is a quick “must read” that gets straight to the heart of leadership qualities, and what it takes to cultivate those attributes. It will broaden your perspective on the gifts that make up leadership, while also highlighting why they’re important and when they’re necessary.

I suggest studying a chapter a day, through repetition the key qualities will stay at the top of your mind for quick recollection.

After reading this book you’ll have a better understanding of your gifts, what you need to work on to become more influential, and how to better identify the leadership abilities in others.

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – This is another great piece written by John C. Maxwell. In this “must read” he identifies leadership principles versus attributes. For example, in one of his chapters Maxwell speaks on “the law of process”, a notion that says becoming a leader is an everyday process that entails continual self-improvement, while disparaging the idea of stagnance.

The principles in this book, once learned, can be used for developing yourself and those you’re charged to lead.

The 48 Laws of Power – This best seller was written by American author Robert Greene. In this work, Greene instructs using real life stories and analogies on how to obtain power and influence based on applied logic from history’s greatest and most powerful minds. It’s a consummate psychological thriller created for the strategic thinker.

This is a serious collection of ideas formed from the mindset of gaining ultimate control, and at times advocates advancement by manipulative and unethical measures. Although this “must read” gives insightful information, it must be read with caution and conviction.

How To Win Friends and Influence People – This book is one of the many written by Dale Carnegie on interpersonal relationships. Carnegie gives some quick and practical advice on how to improve our interaction with people, and how to influence them while doing so.

We all know that changing people’s views can be a difficult task, even when the change is appropriate. Upon completing this book you should have a better grasp on winning people over to your thinking without arousing resentment. This is a “must read” for leaders and those aspiring to be.

Influence – This is one of my favorite “must reads” of all time. Dr. Robert Cialdini does an excellent job in conveying, from a psychological standpoint, why we are continually fooled by the tricks of persuaders without even detecting their cunning ways.

In this book, you’ll learn the six psychological secrets behind our powerful impulse to comply, how to identify when their being used to influence us, and how they can work on our behalf. This is an enjoyable book, particularly for those in media or marketing.

The Prince – This is one of the most legendary pieces on leadership and influence. So much so, that the 16th century Italian author Niccolo Machiavelli has long lasting appeal in modern culture. Much of the writer’s logic and quotes have appeared in Italian gangster movies and books. He is also popular among some of today’s rappers.

In fact, legendary rap icon Tupac Shakur changed his name to Makaveli in 1996. It is believed that the rapper did so with intentions to mimic the Italian philosopher’s successful attempt at faking his death. In this “must read” Machiavelli focuses on maintaining leadership and influence over people and how to surmount your adversaries attempting to force relinquishment of power

By   Nathan  Dean

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