6 Powerful and Successful Mindset Shifts For Paving the Path to Leadership

6 Powerful and Successful Mindset Shifts For Paving the Path to Leadership

We’ve all had bad things happen to us, experienced the occasional rude person, or had the “Murphy’s Law” kind of day. Nonetheless, if we are striving to become a leader of impact among our circle of influence, we must realize that the path to leadership begins with a mindset. Leaders work hard to think differently and see the world through a different lens.

There is a leader in each of us that longs to stand out and be strong, but the only way to become an effective leader is to truly work hard to adopt the mindset of becoming a leader of impact.

With such an insightful and intentional goal of grooming our inner leader, we will need to adopt some strategies that will assist us in our journey of being strong, self-assured, and effective leaders.

Understand Differences – Understand that each person is unique. Leaders realize that every person is uniquely designed and crafted by the hand of God and made in the image of God. By embracing this truth, we can more easily accept others as they are and release them from our judgment and criticism that may blind us of a wonderful relationship opportunity of divine friendship.

Voraciously Accept Change -Leaders voraciously accept that change (both internal and external) is constant and welcome. Leaders accept and embrace change as a learning tool and an opportunity for success. Although a proposed change may not appear to be the best solution, when it’s inevitable, we courageously walk toward it and welcome the lessons, challenges, and ideas that come from the possibility of the new and different.

Word it Carefully – Leaders choose their words carefully. It’s so easy to be swept away by emotion when we encounter a situation that might arouse our defenses and make us want to lash out at someone. Leaders make it a habit to consciously edit their tongue so as to protect others from hurt or offense.

X-Ray Internal Behaviors -By constantly looking internally and x-raying our thoughts, emotions, and personality, we might find areas where we are willing to grow. With a healthy mindset, leaders strengthen their inner leader by examining all areas of our life and willingly embrace the impending metamorphosis. More importantly, there is never any shame around admitting our faults and growing through them.

Yes to Success – Successful mindsets take work. Leaders want to be successful, and they don’t become complacent in accepting the status quo. There is always work to be done and there is always growth to achieve. With a “Yes to Success” mindset, we can more rapidly reach our goals and make an impact on those around us.

Zig Zag Until it’s Right. – Sometimes a journey becomes long, arduous, and never-ending. We might wonder how long it’s going to take to feel successful and as a result we might feel like giving up. Nevertheless, leaders are patient and willing to take risky chances and keep turning the next corner until they figure it out.

There is a mindset of determination and tenacity that keeps motivating us to achieve our goals. Leaders stick it out until they get it right no matter how many attempts it takes. How many tries did it take Edison to invent the light bulb? He was an awesome leader.

Whether you are developing your inner leader, working towards quiet leadership or wanting to lead from the podium, you have an internal leader wanting to stand up and face the odds. It’s up to you to work though your challenges, embrace opportunity for growth and then work hard to develop a leadership mindset.

No matter what, continue to walk the path towards being an effective leader. Continue to cultivate the behaviors for developing your inner leader who will ultimately help you stand up and make an impact on your circle of influence, thus helping others become better people, too.

By  Grace   Milton

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