9 Elements of a Successful Sales Letter

9 Elements of a Successful Sales Letter

If you want to experience internet marketing success, then you need to learn how to write a successful sales letter that really convinces people to purchase whatever it is you’re selling. It doesn’t matter if you are selling an ebook, or sporting equipment, or even your services as a consultant.

You need to be able to sell. If you are running your business online your sales letter is the best way to persuade people to buy from you. While your blog and social media networks can work toward building your reputation, without a powerful sales letter your business will flounder.

Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. There is a tried and true formula that works. If you research the sales letters that successful people are using, you will find these elements.

The order may be different, but the pieces are all there. By following this formula, you will be able to write a successful sales letter for each and every venture you are involved with. You can personalize the letter to make it your own, just make sure all of the elements are there.

1. Killer Headline

If you want people to read your sales letter, you need to grab their attention right from the start. You can do that by writing a powerful headline. People buy solutions to problems, so if your headline can make a statement about how you are solving a problem, you have a good hook.

2. Identify a Problem and Offer a Solution

The main point of your sales letter is to identify problems, and then tell the reader how you are going to solve that problem. Successful sales letters keep returning to this step: identify the problem and offer a solution. Shoe that you understand your reader’s problems and you will win them over.

3. Benefit Bullet Points

One thing you will need to learn is how to sell the benefits of your product, and not to focus on the features. There is a saying in marketing that you “sell the sizzle,” not the steak. If you can get them to taste that steak in their minds, you will make the sale.

One of the tricks is to focus on what your reader wants, not what they need. Restaurants are great examples of this. We all need to eat, but restaurants know how to appeal to what you want. When they do that effectively, they are successful.

4. Testimonials

People take comfort in knowing that others found that your product or service lived up to your promises. You need to sprinkle testimonials throughout your sales letter. Try to be as specific as possible. If you can, use the full name of the person who wrote the testimonial. Your readers may be somewhat skeptical of online testimonials. The more specific your information is, the more they will be convinced that a customer actually wrote the testimonial for you.

5. Price – Perceived Value

Setting the right price for your product or service can be a somewhat tricky task. A product is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Businesses refer to a concept called “perceived value.” If your readers feel like it is a fair price, they will consider making a purchase.

That is why some products with a high price will outsell a product that costs considerably less. The reader has to believe that what you are offering is worth what you are charging for it.

6. The Guarantee

Another way to convince your sites visitors to become customers is to take the risk out of the transaction. You can do this by offering a money-back guarantee. Let your readers know that if they are not completely satisfied with what you are offering, they will get all of their money back.

Some internet marketers may be hesitant to offer a guarantee for fear that the customer will take the information from the book and then ask for their money back. Yes, that is a real possibility, but in the long run you will earn more than enough to cover those rare events.

7. Bonuses

It never hurts to sweeten the pot a bit. When you offer bonuses it adds to the perceived value of the product you are selling. The more bonuses you can offer, the more likely you will convince someone to take action and purchase your product.

8. Call to Action

This is one step that many struggling sales people miss out on. They never get around to actually asking for the sale. You have to ask your readers to take a specific action. Simply putting a button on the bottom of your sales letter is not nearly as effective as telling your customer to “Click Here NOW!” When you have a lone button you are letting your readers off the hook.

You are unintentionally letting them know that it is OK to leave the page without acting. Don’t make it easy for them to leave. Ask for the sale.

9. P. S.

A surprisingly effective tool is a simple P. S. at the bottom of the letter. After you ask for the sale you should add a short message reminding them of why they need you product. This is especially effective if your P.S. has a link that sends your reader back into the sales page. Close with another call to action.

If you can work all 9 of these elements into your sales copy, you will see an increase in the sales you get from your site. You spend too much time and energy attracting customers. Take advantage of their visit with a strong successful sales letter.

By Vanessa Brown

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