A Great Guide to Loan Modification

A Great Guide to Loan Modification

Internet Loss Mitigation Leads

Generally loan modification leads are being Produced online With affiliate websites and banner ads That offer help with foreclosure issues. We’ve all had the pleasure of being bombarded with these ad pop ups due to the foreclosure increase in the last few years. What’s happened is these websites have ruined chances to close deals because the websites sale the same leads over and over.

A Great Guide to Loan Modification

Now they may not have done this on purpose but the fact is it’s being done!. One thing you have to realize is internet buyers are very aggressive and it sucks when you have 7 other mortgage brokers calling the same home owner simple because they purchased the same lead… A shame it is. 60% of the problem is the leads are not being qualified most of the time these home owners don’t even remember filling out the information which sadly results in a cold call

Telemarketed Loan Modification Leads

Don’t worry there is a better way. Call centers are great if they do outbound telemarketing because they are in a unique position to provide quality, qualified leads that wont end up as a cold call in the ends. Thousands of calls are made daily from call centers could you imagine the number of qualified leads they have on hand? It typically takes 12,000 calls to generate 100 qualified leads (that’s a lot of calls). Why such a low ratio? Well truth is few Americans qualify for t a traditional refinance these days. The other 11,000 people there credit scores were probably too low or could have already had the best rates or… They could have been behind on house payments and been facing foreclosure. These telemarketers are trained they know exactly what questions to ask and when to ask them to get their qualified list built with ease. They can qualify a potential client in 90 seconds or less.

Loss Mitigation Leads

Now this program right here is GREAT!, For both the loan company and the call centers. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure”. Most call centers charge by the hour For their service But it’s a cheap alternative because the campaigns are not ran on a stand alone process. On average The mortgage lead Is around $100 With filters set below 640 at around 75%.Most telemarketed loan modification leads range between$45 and $70 and are guarantee.

By  Ella  Mathews

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