A Personal Business Plan

A Personal Business Plan

Most people actually set out to have the things that they want to have in their lives. They set out to have more time, more money, improve their lives and become successful. The reality is, however, that most people are rarely successful. They end up endlessly running in circles, working harder, longer hours all in a fruitless effort to reach their goals. Most end up with a life that is completely out of balance, full of constant worry and stress, and the relationships never improve only worsen with the stress.

There is another way to get off the “mice wheel” and stop running in circles. There are many “success” formula’s out there, however, any that are effective boil down to some basic simple principles.

* Being you – Being Proactive – Being Positive

* Doing actions of proactive and positive nature

* Having your desires as a result of being and doing.

Sounds to simple to have any real power to change. IN order to have any significantly different results in your life the doing and being phases are going to require a great deal of change. Profound changes in fact, that will change the being that is is yourself. In some cases a dramatic overhaul of being yourself will have to be made.

In order to being the change of being, you need to know what sort of being that you need to be in order to come to a place of having everything you desire. Once you know who you need to be, the next step is to look at who you are and see what is it exactly that you need to change. When you realize where you are deficient it allows you to learn and practice any new knowledge and skills you don’t currently have. A new skill is not something that can be read once in a book or even heard once in a seminar, it is something that you need to learn, practice, internalize absorb and finally internalize it within so that it becomes a part of your being without thought.

This process can take a long period of time and will not happen overnight. Some of these changes will make your being a completely different being inside. It is this growth that allows the having to happen almost effortlessly. It is very much like setting up a business plan for who your being is and the objectives that need to be met in order to obtain your mission statement. If a plan is not laid out one can become lost and not be able to find their way back. In having a plan chances are less that you will not end up frantically trying to figure out how you got lost and how to get around the obstacle in front of you.

Some other things to consider in writing your personal formula or your personal business plan are:

* Focus – your plan has to have focus on where you are going and how it will draw you magnetically towards your destination

* Steps – your plan will have to show you step by step what needs to be done to break down the steps into manageable and achievable steps.

* Mind set – your plan needs to include positive reinforcement steps when any set backs occur. Plan for set backs and how you are going to handle them.

* Believe – you absolutely need to have a belief in the pathway you have laid out. Belief that it will work so that other fads won’t deter you.

* Milestones – your plan should have short term goals; as well as long term goals. This will allow you to stop and look back to see how you have achieved the milestones in changing your being. When a milestone has been reaching in changing something about your being – Celebrate it.

Remember, that nay plan is a living document. What this really means is that like any business plan, it may need to make changes and adjustments to the plan as you go along. That is the benefit of having it written down. By having the plan written out, you have all the information necessary to consider how to get around any given obstacle. Your plan will help you understand who you are, who you need to be, and how to get there. Arriving there means that you are doing all the things necessary to be having all the things that you desire.

By John Benson

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