Accepting Responsibility

Accepting Responsibility

It’s not hard to put yourself in a position of authority if you’re willing to change just one simple thing.

When you can accept responsibility for everything you do, both personal and professional, then you will have separated yourself from being average and become a superior person.

You will refuse to blame other people around you for the actions you take. You will not blame others for your failures or short coming and it will inherently make you a strong leader.

You refuse to criticize other people or complain about actions that happened in the past. You eliminate the, what if’s, and instead focus on what it is you want and where you’re going.

Accepting responsibility will make you feel powerful and give you more self confidence. You will be in complete control of your actions, giving you the confidence to make decisions and not second guess yourself because you are the one in control.

The acceptance of responsibility is the foundation of High Self Esteem, Self Respect and Personal Pride. It lies within every extraordinarily successful person.

You will eventually begin to view yourself as self employed, no matter where you get your money or how it’s made. You see yourself as the president of your own personal service or corporation gaining respect from all around you. You will refuse to make excuses, and instead make things happen.

This is the foundation of creating wealth and is one of the most important stepping stones in building your mindset for success.

From now on, no matter what happens, say to yourself, “I’m Responsible”!

By   Andrew   Clapton

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