Are You a Good Leader Or Do You Abuse the Power Given to You?

Are You a Good Leader Or Do You Abuse the Power Given to You?

Leadership from point of view of lot of people revolves around the following grounds:

Leadership is only associated with the politicians or the some other people who have some assigned positions or authorities.

Leadership is something which a person inherits or it is a quality which is natural or by birth. On the other hand some people think that leadership is not associated with above mentioned things.

People described in above mentioned points may have leadership qualities but it’s not necessary at all that they must have leadership qualities.

Here I will give a few practical examples which will help us to conclude that which point of view is justified or based on right approach. Below mentioned are the names of people who did a lot for their nations and the world as well but they didn’t have authoritative approach:

Abdul Sattar Edhi (Founder of Edhi foundation in Pakistan)

Nelson Mandela (Leader of South Africa)

Dr. Muhammad Younas (Pioneer of micro credit in Bangladesh)

Dr. Mahathir Muhammad (Malaysia)

Now we can see that Abdul Sattar Edhi has no political position or authoritative position but he is a Well know person and did a lot for poor and affected people in the form of charity. World knows him because of his charity work. Similarly the Nelson Mandela is known to world for his efforts for his nation.

There are lot of country presidents in the world but nobody recognize them except the people of their own country the remaining two people are also known because of their struggles for the society.

From above all discussion, we see that all people who are famous in whole world have a similarity or common thing in them which is that they did or doing something good for the society or the world.

So we can define the leadership as an art which is about the role of a person in world or society. It is not actually about the position or title. We can also conclude that true leaders form a network of leaders by creating more and more leaders through inspirations. The common things which every leader has are:

Self control

Self accountability

High Intensity



Finally I would like to say that the people who think that leaders are born not created are very wrong. Leadership can actually be learnt by learning the basics of leadership or by observing and adopting the traits of other leaders.

By  James  Clapton

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