Are You Generating Real Leads From Your Business Card?

Are You Generating Real Leads From Your Business Card?

You already carry a business card, why not start using it to actually generate leads? You know you should always have your business cards with you, but they probably aren’t doing you much good at this point. That’s because you aren’t getting the maximum value from this little low cost marketing tool.

What’s the purpose of a business card anyway? You give out your business card so people can contact you and remember you, right? But that’s presuming they want to contact or remember you, and it isn’t creating an incentive to do so.

How can you expand on that purpose to get a real return on your investment? You want your business card to provide an incentive for a potential prospect to connect with you. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do that is by providing an incentive that grabs their attention and interest.

Your business card can serve as a means for you to give first, and it can at least provide more details about your value. The back of your business card is prime real estate that you don’t want to go to waste. The front of your business card can be the standard information, but the back of your card is where the real potential lies.

You can use the back of your card to generate leads. If you do nothing else you can at least list the big benefits you and your service helps people to get. That’s good, but you can do even better than that.

Why not actually provide something valuable on the back of your card. Now if you were a retail business this could be a coupon or something, but it works for service professionals too. Instead of having a coupon on the back of your card you might have a web address where they can sign up for: a free white paper or report, a free audio explaining something not commonly known, a free video showing them how to do something, or even a free pass to an upcoming seminar.

Business cards are so cheap these days that if you do a little planning you can create event specific cards. If you belong to a tips or leads group rather than handing out a standard dry business card give them a card that tells them: who you work with, why they hire you, and what they get as a result of your help. When you attend a chamber seminar tie your free report to the topic of the seminar and give your card to people who want to know more. Start getting creative and think of ways to get some real value from a business card.

So you’ve handed out some business cards, but how do you turn them into real lead? Well when you give a card be sure you get a card too. Provide a number of ways for them to get whatever it is you’ve offered. Then contact the people who take you up on your offer; and start a conversation asking if they got the information they needed, what else they’d like to know, perhaps you have a next level option building on your relationship, and if it makes sense based on your conversation offer to meet with them.

By John Benson

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