Are You Winning in the Game of Life? Be an Entrepreneur

Are You Winning in the Game of Life? Be an Entrepreneur

The Principle of the Entrepreneur:

More than ever in the history of western culture, people are looking for ways to be an agent of change. They are therefore becoming more entrepreneurial, committing to carving out new forms of enterprise, sometimes seeking to launch from the comfort of their own home, sometimes from an outside space.

The fundamental reason why so many now wish to do so is a new shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. This shift is guiding more people into lives of purpose, fulfillment, and empowerment than ever before in history.

Entrepreneurship, then, is not a goal but rather the means to a goal. And that goal is the concept of purposeful living. Therefore, the dynamic of entrepreneurship has reached an awakened state: it is now being used as a tool to assist people as they go about creating the next level of purposeful living. Entrepreneurship is serving as a bridge, a period of transition, to assist in bringing this energy shift into reality.

The Principle of the Entrepreneur will shorten the learning curve of such an entrepreneur. Here are its key teachings:
An entrepreneurial Spirit will no longer be able to live according to the concept of the Spider Monkey. When hunters in Africa wish to capture a Spider Monkey, a trap is set with a hole the monkey can reach through to grasp a nut sitting inside. The Spider Monkey will put its hand through the hole, grab the nut, and then try to pull the nut out of the hole. However, now that the monkey’s fist is holding the nut, it is bigger than the hole. The Monkey, rather than letting go of the nut so it can easily bring its hand out and be free, holds on tightly. The hunters come along and collect the poor, panic-stricken monkey, which loses its freedom because it won’t relinquish the nut!

An entrepreneurial Spirit will no longer hold on to a reward if it results in loss of freedom and vitality. Once this willingness to let go is realized, the entrepreneurially spirited man or woman doesn’t keep looking backward at what they have just relinquished. They go forward, take action, move consistently, and remain true to the essence of entrepreneurship today – which means being an agent of change. The change is always toward purposeful and passionate living.

The Principle of the Entrepreneur also illuminates the concepts of attrition, compression, and the 80/20/4.
Attrition occurs when those who have committed to moving forward decide to change their path, move backward, or simply quit. The reasons why attrition occurs are not of importance. The important thing is simply to understand that attrition does occur. So the committed entrepreneur should be aware of this dynamic, and be absolutely determined that blocks they find along the way will not cause them to turn back from their goal.

Compression occurs when attrition sorts out the ones who were half-committed. Compression is a sorting dynamic that separates the truly committed entrepreneurs from the ones who change their mind when faced with challenges along the way.

A truly committed entrepreneur understands that although attrition may be perceived somewhat negatively, compression, its outcome, is not necessarily negative. It just means that those who fell by the wayside were not yet ready.

80/20/4 is the last part of the principle. It says that 80% commit, 20% stay on track, and 4% move forward on the track using the principles that are available in this book.
Strive to be amongst the 4%. Do this not merely for recognition and reward, but because you will become a beacon of light and inspire the others to ultimately achieve what you have achieved. This, then, is the true meaning of being an entrepreneur: Bringing about the shift in collective consciousness that leads us to be inspiration in action, and empowering others to live purposefully.

By Michael Williams

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