Arrogance in Sales is the Surest Way to Failure

Arrogance in Sales is the Surest Way to Failure

How many times have you run into or heard something huffing and puffing about themselves or their products and services? This behavior demonstrates product or sales based marketing. This know it all attitudes streams from every pore within these sales professional bodies. And how does that make you feel? If you are like me, you are quickly scanning looking for the closest path or exit. You may be thinking, “Help! Get me out of here!”

Arrogance in Sales is the Surest Way to Failure

In a recent post on a social media site asked about how all the free information on the Internet is affecting sales success from sales cycle times to earning the sales. This truly was a great question and of the answers except one provided additional insight to this business challenge.

The exception was one salesperson who said the information from the Internet had no value. How sad!

The reality is many times clients want vendors to confirm what they already know. During this process, they provide the opportunities for sales professionals to build even stronger relationships. This is called relationship selling.

Education based marketing works well with this sales approach.

However, if they (potential clients or prospects) knew everything, why would they be seeking your help to overcome their current or even possible future known and unknown needs?

When egos are engaged, this sometimes suggests that only you have the answer and may also imply that your active listening skills are not engaged to learn about what your potential customer needs.

My way or the highway is one of the best examples of arrogance. The old “take it or leave it” is another example of a high ego state in what I call “watch me go.”

Years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt was quote as saying: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” He truly understood the essence of sales and how developing relationships of mutual trust and respect is critical to being successful in sales.

If you wish to increase sales, take Teddy’s advice. Leave the arrogance on the doormat as you walk through the front door of that potential customer or prospect.

By  Julian  Bush

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