Attraction Marketing for Network Marketing

Attraction Marketing for Network Marketing

Attraction Marketing is a straightforward theory but pretty much goes against what our natural instincts tell us to do. Conventional Network Marketing strategies usually are based more on salesmanship, cold calling, persuading and convincing.

The Attraction Marketing approach is attracting prospects and customers to you personally in lieu of going out and chasing, selling and convincing our prospect.

“You can pursue or be the pursued” says Mike Dillard the author of Magnetic Sponsoring an Attraction Marketing guru.
Within Network Marketing prospects do not want to hear about your opportunity. People want to know a solution to their problem. Prospects are drawn to Leaders.
Individuals who are searching for a Network Marketing opportunity are actually deluged with all the latest, the most effective, the greatest, or biggest Opportunity. Whether it is a vitamins, skin care, air fresheners, and travel, financial and so on, there are many different Network Marketing Opportunities that each think they are the best. Many are great opportunities.
So why do most people get into Network Marketing? Because it is fun? Because they need something to fill their time? Folks get into Network Marketing because they have a specific problem and they are hunting for a solution. Their problem may be – the need to supplement their own income because gas and groceries cost 20% more than they did a year ago and they can’t make ends meet each month. Many people need to replace their income as they happen to be unemployed for 8 months and have no potential job in the horizon. Individuals really want freedom with their time to enable them to spend more time with their kids simply because they recognize that they are growing up fast and maybe they are missing out on significant events. Do any of those sound familiar? Folks start Network Marketing to being able to take control of their future, take their life back and make amazing things happen. Network Marketing can offer that.
Attraction Marketing is prospects being drawn to Leaders. Prospects would like to relate with your message. People want to work with people. People want to work with people who they know, like and trust. Prospects join your opportunity since they are drawn to you and the solution to their problem that you provide.
Leaders will be confident and know what they want. Leaders tend to be focused and know what their goals are. Leaders radiate positive energy and are optimistic. Leaders don’t make excuses. Leaders take responsibility for their actions. Leaders are constantly learning new marketing techniques. Leaders are always working on personal development. Leaders believe in themselves and know what they have to offer. Leaders want to provide solutions and help their prospects with their problems.
Attraction Marketing is a cutting edge and welcome strategy for Network Marketing lead generation.

By Kevin Jones

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