Buying Cafe Insurance

Buying Cafe Insurance

For most people, insurance is a fact of life. Insurance offers protection against a variety of contingencies, both anticipated and unanticipated. People insure their homes against fires, flood, and theft. There is malpractice insurance, medical insurance, flight insurance, and car insurance among many others.

Those who are starting a café may believe that standard business insurance is adequate for their venture. However, café insurance provides unique protections that result from the specialized atmosphere of a café workplace. Before deciding on which coverage is best for your particular business venture, there are some important aspects of café insurance policies that you should consider.

One of the most important decisions that will determine the necessity of a cafe policy is whether your business will employ workers. This is important because many cafe insurance policies include employer’s liability insurance. Accidents are common in these types of work environments.

Thus, as the business owner, you are liable for a plethora of things that can and may bring harm to your employees. This includes slips, burns, illnesses and many other unforeseen contingencies. Café insurance not only covers the owner in the event something happens to one of the workers while they are performing their duties, but it also provides some degree of medical coverage for the workers as well.

Since cafe serve the public, they need to be protected against a variety of potential mishaps that may occur while customers are frequenting the business. This includes loss of property, physical harm, or any other claims made against the proprietor.

Public liability insurance comes standard with many cafe insurance policies. This insures the owner against a variety of potential claims made by both customers and non-customers. These protections are extremely important because of the specialized nature of cafes.

In addition to specialized coverage, cafe insurance also covers a host of business contingencies. Included is loss of property in transit, equipment failure, and damage to the property.

However, these standard protections are not what make cafe insurance an expensive proposition. Most analysts and insurance brokers believe that a café should carry at least two million dollars worth of public liability insurance alone. These totals do not include employer’s liability insurance or standard business coverage.

Those in the café business should seriously consider the pros and cons of café insurance. While it can provide specialized coverage that will certainly protect the business from most contingencies, this insurance can be expensive. Like anything else, conduct a thorough review of you business needs and goals in order to determine if café insurance can provide the benefits that you need.

By  James  Clapton

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