Change – To Be Or Not to Be!

Change – To Be Or Not to Be!

What is your response to change? Do you resist it or embrace it?

When you resist change and look at it from a negative perspective, it will bring:

– Conflicting challenge

– Hardship

– Anger

– Negativity

– Gloomy stress

– Emotional attachment

On the other hand, when you accept and embrace change positively, it will bring:

– Constructive and convincing challenge

– Happiness

– Action

– Newness

– Growth

– Encouragement

When you think of change whether in your career or your personal life, consider the following:

– Change should be Challenging not comfortable. The right type of change should take you

out of your comfort zone so that you grow as a result of accepting and adapting to change.

– Change should be Highlighting. It should highlight the areas that you need to improve so

that you can transform them to strengths.

– Change should be an Aim. If you don’t plan for change, change will come to you unexpectedly which could be very costly.

– Change is Necessary. However, you need to make sure that the change you want to apply is the right change and the one you need at the moment.

– As human beings, we Grow through change. And since growth is our purpose in life, thus

change is a gift.

– Change is Empowering. When we accept change and welcome its presence, it will

empower us to develop our potentials, improve our skills, transform our weaknesses to strength and eventually fulfill our dreams. Isn’t that what you want to achieve in life?

So, to take advantage of the opportunities that any change brings to you, do the following:

– Commit to welcoming the challenge and growth

– Be Happy and hopeful about the change and look at it from the positive perspective

discussed above

– Act because without action change is nothing but pain

– Nourish your soul and let your SELF to grow and go to the next level

– Give hope to others and help them grow through the changes in their lives as well. The

more you give, the more you receive. When you give your time and your energy to help others, you will see the positive effects of change faster.

– And last but not least, Embrace the change and be excited about that because enthusiasm and excitement provides the fuel for moving forward through the challenge and change

and toward success and fulfillment.

By   Andrew   Clapton

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