Creating Social Media Graphics With an Ease

Creating Social Media Graphics With an Ease

Social media is a buzz word in recent era and every business and every person would like to have presence on social networking sites. Since social media is supporting multimedia content, we have good chances to express our emotions and bind brands with some sort of emotional messages.

This is the thing most of social media experts doing at right moments for their patrons and their brands. If you are web designer or not, but when you intended to interact on social networking sites, you need some sorts of multimedia content modification expertise or know-how. Images are the big part of social media campaigns thus, each SMO should have enough expertise to deal with images and mold them according to your need or your message.

Unfortunately, dealing with modern image editors are not easy as well as somewhat time consuming exercise, as each time you have to open image editor with a long waiting period to start it.

Moreover, you have to download images from the web, store them and modify them before uploading them on the social networking sites.

In due course, many browser base or some easy to use and easy to open image editors are available on the web with either nominal charges or without spending any penny on it.

The biggest advantage of such ready to use social media image editor is that they give all tools need specific to the social media image requirements and facilitate you to download and upload directly your images without going to your client devices storage.

Moreover, their tools have set for social media platform standards and sizes so they need very little requirements of image editing knowledge and any non-tech person can give all effects of fine image editing software without any tech helps. Let’s see which tools can help us where and what.


PicMonkey has made this tool originally and later on Google has acquired it. It let you edit photos right from your browser without indulging into long process. You can modify images, add filters, effects, and prepare photo collages easily and quickly. You can bring photo from your local device, Dropbox, Facebook, Flikr, etc. Its basic version is free and enough for social media work.


This tool eliminates the use of more sophisticated photo editing tools by providing all required options needed for social media effect and standards. Thus, you can easily go for Pinterest image editing, Facebook cover preparations, Twitter header creation, and so forth.


This is high end tool for non-professional as well as professional graphics designers who need all tools but quick and effective results. Therefore, it has three editions named: Pixler Editor, Pixler Express, and Pixlr-O-Matic for all grades of users.


This tool is exclusively for mobile devices to create photo collages right from the camera or cloud. Photovis is same tool.


This is infographics creating tool for best visualization and presentation. is same as Piktochart, but additionally offers templates support.

If you are Photoshop user but can’t afford it, this tool will give you all.

By John Benson

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