Customer Focused Sales

Customer Focused Sales

What is Customer Focused Sales?

CFS is simply reversing the sales process so that instead of trying your upmost to sell something to your customer you try your upmost to find something for your customer to buy. i.e. you look at the situation entirely from your customer’s perspective.

You probably already do this to some extent, though inconsistently. You need to think of times when you have done this and make yourself empathise with your customer on every occasion.

How do you do this consistently?

The easiest way to understand your customer’s perspective is to get in the habit of asking lots of good, open questions. Really try to understand what your customer is looking for by only asking questions and not selling them a thing until you are 100% certain you know exactly what you can do for them.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – you would want someone to take the time to understand precisely what you were looking for, wouldn’t you?

Why does CFS work?

For several reasons, not least that you are most able to meet your customer’s requirements by being on their side and fully understanding their situation and requirements. It is also the perfect way to build rapport. People like to be paid attention to, have their opinion asked and generally talk about themselves.

Not in an arrogant way, it’s just that if you let the customer do the majority of the talking it shows that you are taking an interest in them and treating them as an individual, rather than giving them the same sales patter as you did the last 100 people who walked through the door.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – you would like to be treated as an individual, wouldn’t you?

How do I know that I am customer focused?

There will be occasions where, by fully understanding your customer’s situation, you will realise that you cannot entirely meet your customer’s requirements at this time – and you will tell them so.

You will not sell to someone who you do not feel you are providing a cost-effective benefit to because you appreciate that if you were the customer, that sometimes, you would not want what you have to sell. Overall, your sales will increase massively but CFS is not about closing every deal, because trying to sell something to everyone was the issue in the first place.

Being a customer focused sales persons will lead to much more repeat business & referral work. I guarantee it.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes – what type of company would you be happy referring your friends, family and colleagues to?

By    Daniel   Blare

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