Customer Service – It’s Not a Side Hobby, So Create a Process and Repeat it Over and Over Or Die

Customer Service – It’s Not a Side Hobby, So Create a Process and Repeat it Over and Over Or Die

This article is all about customer service and the process that you need to build your business around so that customer service happens all the time. It’s not a part-time, nice thing to do. Either you build in customer service or your business goes away. Read on to find out more.

Customer Service - It's Not a Side Hobby, So Create a Process and Repeat it Over and Over Or Die

So, I’m at my neighborhood gas station this morning, getting my daily fix of gas station cappuccino in a giant 24 oz. bucket. I admit that I have a slight problem with gas station coffee; it’s my favorite. Lately I’ve taken to the beautiful display of locally-made donuts that I’ve come to expect. It’s become part of my routine, something I wake up to in the morning and look forward to having the same experience most mornings.

That is until today… Today something was seriously wrong and it through off the whole universe of my coffee and donut foraging experience. First they were out of giant cups, then I looked over and noticed that they were out of my donuts. The people behind the counter were new and REALLY creepy looking instead of the usual friendly faces that I see every day.

It was like I just walked into a bizarro-world where everything was backwards. After getting over myself, I realized that they were using my store for training some new people and they had a little more training to go, it appears…

So what is the point that story?

The point is that, are you giving your customer the same experience they can count on day after day? Or are you all over the place with the way you treat your business, experimenting here and there? No matter what business you are in, you need to have a system, almost McDonalds-like in the way a customer can come to expect the way they will be treated. The customer needs to know that if they order from you, visit your shop,partake in your consulting, or buy your product on-line, they will ALWAYS get the same experience that they expect.

Now, of course this is after you have worked all the bugs out. If you treat people like crap I assume that you will have enough sense not to repeat that pattern over and over. This entire process that you treat your customers and the way that you design their experience is all based around your Unique Selling Proposition and things you promise that you will provide for your customers. Create your USP before you move any further in your business. It will guide your decisions and the experience your customers get in return.

By   Rachel  Macey

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