Developing a Global Perspective to Lead in the Wisdom Age

Developing a Global Perspective to Lead in the Wisdom Age

Leading in the wisdom age requires having a deep understanding of how legal, economic and political forces impact global challenges. There is need to master the skills to lead in the global stage of leadership with effectiveness and not just effectively. Expanding strategic thinking and leadership skills is the starting point of leading with purpose and principles that set the stage for moving Nations to the next level of perfection, and excellence.

Here are strategies a leader need to develop a global perspective to lead in the wisdom age.

Strategy #1

A leader with global effectiveness and intuitiveness will get to work, broach and proceed with global colloquy, inspire global transformation, harmonize acquaintance with facts involving not a few people working in the same breath.

Strategy #2

In leadership, there is prerogative of doing something without the indication and attestation of sweat of one’s brow in having perfect understanding, positivism and conviction regarding the ingenuity, proficiency, capability, capacity, potency, stability or veracity of someone or something; a Leader inspire others to aspire and not to expire in this day and age’s global environment.

Strategy #3

A leader who understands the environmental, geographical, political, social, cultural and economic challenges of global community will put his or her shoulder to the wheel of the problems of social justice, human rights, globalization, democratization and the environmental issues but will put two and two together to perfect his leadership and have explosive growth.

Strategy #4

A Leader who has political inspiration, determination, enthusiasm, ability and skills understands the power in politics. A leader who live morally good and makes the public life of the people easier in all instances will make a better politician, lead the people in general in a way that is more than a match for and make their lives better. Build trust and have influence in leadership.

Strategy #5

It is true to the letter that we are living in the era of information, globalization and technology with a lot of changes making up for lost time at a breathtaking tempo, speed and beaten path, but it is only leaders who have in place, base and basis, matter of course, principles, institutions and organizations, machinery and powers that is as firm as the rock of Gibraltar that will get to the apex and pinnacle of leadership in this information, globalization and telecommunication era.

Strategy #6

It is very important that Leaders get themselves acquainted with facts by developing a political, economic, historical, legal and cultural understanding of the matters of course at action and operation in the global sphere of exertion, intention or altercation and skillfully use these facts to be productive and innovative leaders who put two and two together to hit upon a solution to the world’s hard nut to crack.

Strategy #7

Right Leaders at the higher level of leadership do not exhibit attitude that will take them to the derisory level of leadership. A leader who can resolve a passel of conflicts is a leader who can enforce global peace.

By   Nathan  Dean

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