Developing a Real Estate Marketing Message That Generates Leads

Developing a Real Estate Marketing Message That Generates Leads

When someone says to you “What is your marketing message?” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Think about that for just a minute before continuing about what you tell people. I am not talking about the people who already know you or who are referred to you. I am talking about the people who don’t know you at all. Your marketing message needs to tell them in 30 seconds or less why they should use you and no one else.

Your marketing message needs to relate to them immediately or you will be like everyone else. In fact if a marketing message is powerful enough it needs to be a little scary and make you feel a little uneasy, that’s how you know it is going to work.

The most common marketing messages that real estate professionals use are the following:

* I am honest and will work hard for you
* I have been in the business 15 years
* I am part of the double gold award group
* Serving you since 1982
* Everything I touch turns to sold
* I am a tough negotiator

What do all of these marketing messages have in common? Just about anyone can say them and they don’t tell your next potential customer anything about you or more importantly what you can do for them. There isn’t a buyer or seller in the world who isn’t looking for an honest real estate agent. No one wants a dishonest person to help them so putting that as your marketing message won’t help you generate any new business and the people who like you already know you are honest.

Developing a marketing message can be one of the best things that you can ever do. Your marketing message needs to have the following:

* It can be said in 30 seconds or less
* It needs to demonstrate what your services are and what your specialize in
* It has to be related to your prospect and how using you will help them
* It cannot make you look like everyone else
* It needs to be related to a buyer or a seller but not both as they are looking for two different results

This may sound like quite a bit to accomplish in a marketing message but it most certainly can be done. Marketing messages that scare your competition or have them think that you are a little out there always work well.

A marketing message that I ran on postcards for years, and still do, was the following:

I will sell your condo in 29 days or I will sell it for FREE…Guaranteed

This marketing message may sound over the top and may sound a little crazy but it worked and generated calls from highly motivated sellers who had to sell their properties and had to do it quickly.

When you are selecting your marketing message remember to be bold and be willing to be different from everyone else.

By John Vaughan

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