Developing an Internet Business on Autopilot

Developing an Internet Business on Autopilot

As a retired educator, I became intrigued by the possibility of having an internet marketing business on autopilot. It would be set up to run itself, and I would get up each morning and check to see how much money I had made overnight. However, after some investigation, I came to realize that, while a business on autopilot might be possible, it would take knowledge, commitment, and effort to fulfill the dream.

In order to learn about affiliate marketing and building a business on autopilot, I reviewed several programs online. The one that seemed to be the best fit for me was Internet Income University. In addition to working with persons with previous experience, this program offered help and support to “newbies” like myself. The reviews for Internet Income University indicated that it appeared to be legitimate and ethical, and it did not have a high start-up cost.

My first order of business, after signing up for the program, was to choose a domain name and have a website built. This took twenty-four hours, as promised. The best part about the website was that excellent income streams were added, including one for Internet Income University.

The next task was to get traffic to my website. With research, I found three free or inexpensive ways to drive internet traffic there. They included publishing relevant articles, or blogs, and producing pertinent videos. In order to drive traffic to the website using these methods, I needed to refer the reader or viewer to the website for additional information. Each of the articles, blogs, or videos that are referenced to a website are called back links. The more you have, the more chances you have of people going to your site.

A crucial step in building a business on autopilot is to learn about keywords. These are the words that move a website, article, or blog closer to the front of the line on Google, and other search engines. Internet Income University has just added a new program as an income stream for selecting keywords which might work best for a topic, based on traffic and competition. This keyword analysis tool is called Keyword Evolution. It has proven to be invaluable to me in understanding and finding appropriate keywords.

This has been my journey thus far. The learning curve has been steep, but the material has been interesting, as I continue to gain knowledge to help me build an internet business on autopilot.

By  Noah  Kirk

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