Do Less Work and Increase Productivity!

Do Less Work and Increase Productivity!

A lot of insurance agents think that creating a successful insurance agency is an easy thing to do. Everyone has to have insurance, right? There is a secret though…hard work. The difference is between the agencies that opening their doors, put an ad in the phone book and hope they start making sales and agencies that aggressively pursue quality business is the key to making a successful agency.

But how do you “pursue business aggressively”? Insurance agents know how to sell insurance if the prospects come to them, but agents are generally not experienced at running a business.

1. Begin by getting a flow of prospects coming into your office. Purchase online leads or excel spreadsheets to give you prospects to market to. Some agents open the phone book and start dialing-for-dollars, but for the time spent, this is a lower return for your money.

2. Hire an assistant to “assist” you. A CSR or any assistant can run quotes. Once a flow of leads is coming into your office, get someone to process your leads quickly. Mail the quotes, email the quotes, and follow up by phone. Pursue your business aggressively. Save your commission sales for producing business. Hourly assistance makes great phone marketers and quote generators.

3. Go for the cross sell business. Writing multiple lines of business doubles or triples your success. Writing the multiple lines will also guarantee the client stays with your agency longer.

4. Get a system to help you manage your prospects and track your effectiveness of your sales tactic. Keep a flexible strategy for reaching your prospects. Work what brings you success. Find a system that gives you auto-responders, tracking of reminders, attachments, and keeps your leads at your disposal for marketing. Keeping your information helps you to find your marketing strategy amongst all the confusion of running a business. Try a system like AgencyIQ to help you manage the sales process easier!

Run your agency like a business and experience the success that it can bring. Be aggressive in your business tactics and reaching out to new clients, but don’t forget the integrity. Do the right thing by your clients and you will have a successful insurance agency. Happy Selling!

By Michael Williams

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