Do You Know the Formula For Developing an Awareness For Success?

Do You Know the Formula For Developing an Awareness For Success?

Success is far more than the physical acquisition of material wealth. A barbarian can acquire wealth through sheer physical strength and the ability to steal.

For everyone else, success must first be achieved in the mind before it can be achieved in the bank statement.

In the next few paragraphs, I will share with you the four qualities that a person must have to develop an awareness, perception, or discernment for success in the mind. Success is only 18 inches away. That is the distance from the brain to the heart. When the mind believes success, the heart will yearn success. And together the body will generate success.

Quality #1: Know that anything accomplished by anyone else can also be accomplished by you.

The richest people in American did not print the money in their basement. They toiled, studied, and made it happen by themselves. If they can do it, so can you. Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder if I am able to do this?” If you are like most people, the answer is yes. The first step to acquiring wealth in any form is to develop an I CAN mentality. When you do this you will soon realize that you also can develop an I WILL determination. “Is there an age limit on who can do this?” Absolutely not.

I would suggest that you create a poster that says, I CAN, and hang it in front of your desk. Each time your mind sees it, the mind will feed on it and the belief becomes stronger. Also, delete from your vocabulary and thinking words like “wish, try, and hope.” These words are “maybe” words; meaning that wishing, hoping, and trying allows failure. Never, never, never quit!

Quality #2: Create in your mind and being an I WILL attitude.

The worst attitude a success-driven person can possess is an “I will get started tomorrow” attitude. When you decide that YOU WILL do something, begin immediately. If you wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come. When you decide to do something, you have to overcome mental inertia; similar to starting a car. When you start a car, you must first get the car rolling. Once you overcome the sitting inertia, the car will roll easier and easier as you employ the moving inertia.

For most of us, starting a task requires much more effort than continuing the task once it is underway. Instead of spending a lot of your mental energy on thinking about starting a task, spend it on the completion of the task. Picture yourself reaching and acquiring the goal(s) you have set.

Quality #3: Have a definite goal.

Not having a goal is like a ship sailing from America to England, but not having a rudder to steer the ship. Without a rudder, the sailing ship probably will never reach its goal, England. So it is with you and your desire to succeed. To succeed you must set goals.

There are two types of goals. There is the long-term goal in which you realize your ultimate goal. Then there are short-term goals. These short-term goals are like steps that take you to new heights. In order to make your life more successful, happier, and mental and physically healthier, you must know exactly what it is that you desire that will enable you to reach these goals.

Quality #4: Build a do-it-now mentality.

Now that you have studied how other people attained their success and developed a “I CAN” mentality; created an “I WILL” attitude; and have set definite short-term and long-term goals, the only thing left to do is to DO IT.

Procrastination is the great killer of success. If you recognize it in your mind, exterminate all of it quickly because if you harbor procrastination, your success is doomed. There is a psychological principle that goes, “Motion creates emotion.” Motion do-it-now creates emotion I am doing it! I am successful!

In the preceding paragraphs I revealed to you four key qualities that will help you to discern the presence of success. With these four qualities, you can build your mind into a success-healthy central control of your life.

The first quality on any road to success is having a positive, healthy mental attitude. In this article you learned that the first step is to know in your very being if someone else accomplished something by his own strength and ingenuity, you can accomplish the same thing by your own strength and ingenuity. Part of that “knowing” is creating an attitude that says, “I CAN.”

The second quality that you want to possess is an “I WILL” attitude. “I CAN” is passive while “I WILL” is action. “I CAN” and “I WILL” is will get you nowhere if you do not have a definite objective or goal. Having a goal is like the rudder on a ship; it guides the big ship wherever it wants to go. The fourth quality to own is a call-to-action by developing a “do-it-now” attitude and mentality.

With these four qualities firmly embedded in your mind, you will already be miles ahead of those who do not possess these qualities.

By   Nathan  Dean

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