Does Your DotBrand Need Social Media Presence?

Does Your DotBrand Need Social Media Presence?

Over 600 trademarks applied for a dot brand top level domain name with International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), of which 517 provided a web address in their application. SLAM Strategy, Adelaide’s leading Internet strategy company, studied these 517 applicants’ landing pages and analysed the social media channels found on them. The findings, published in a report titled ‘DotBrand SM Report’, present an interesting scenario of brands’ presence:

Does Your DotBrand Need Social Media Presence?

– Over 45 per cent of the dotBrand applicants did not have any social media presence on their websites.

– 40 per cent of the applicants showcased between three and five channels.

– Only one dotBrand has 10 channels.

So, what do these findings really mean for companies applying for a trademark in their web addresses? Let’s start by looking at what does the change from to.brand really mean for businesses:

What does a dotBrand really mean for your business?

According to SLAM Strategy, the Internet strategists who highlighted these findings in their report, a brand top level domain name empowers a business to take charge of its online visibility. Certain features of growing a business are only available for dotBrands – take for instance the global brand exposure and ownership of one’s name in the market.

A name doesn’t allow a business the same marketing edge that a brand name can provide. Further, a dotBrand stamp makes it easier to build emotional connect with the target audience through relevant wordings like cutomer.brand or product.brand. There are possible SEO benefits too, which businesses and specialists like SLAM are still in the process of exploring.

So, how are top level domains and social media presence interlinked?

While there is an apparent rush to own a dotBrand, specialists at SLAM noted that the same businesses did not show a corresponding interest in building their presence. This has led the dotBrand SM Report to postulate that many brands that applied for a dotBrand top level domain (TLD) name do not see value in social media or do not realise the value of SM.

Question is, what does social media have to do with a dotBrand presence? Simply put, social media presence is just another step to accelerate the process initiated by a introducing a dotBrand. Here’s how:

– Spreading your brand message – As your business transitions from to dotBrand, social media can be the best tool to communicate this transition. You can give your marketing efforts a giant leap forward through 21 social networks that offer a combined access to literally hundreds of millions of consumers!

– Gaining the competitive edge – Social media channels offer a quick and cost effective way to make your mark in existing and new markets. There is immense scope of innovation too in how you reach out and communicate your competitive edge.

– Build your brand equity – Through social media channels, you can create a direct link with millions of customers and other centres of influence in a community.

The underlying conclusion is that a strong social media presence is a valuable asset for any brand in today’s digital landscape. With the right set of social media channels, top level domains can grow businesses in the fastest and most profitable ways possible

By John Benson

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