Don’t Follow the Leader – Be the Leader They Follow

Don’t Follow the Leader – Be the Leader They Follow

Be the leader they follow. On the positive side, you will begin to see the bigger picture. You will grow as a person whether you succeed or fail as a leader. On the negative side, if you don’t step up, your organization may fall apart. Then you will suffer. You will regret not stepping up as a leader.

As you learn to lead, and to see that bigger picture, you contribute your talents in many new and exciting ways. You build a following of people who like and trust you. As you step up and lead, people become loyal to you and assist you.

One benefit of leadership is personal development. You will grow, no matter what else may happen. Succeed or fail, when you step up to becoming a leader, you go out of your comfort zone. That action creates growth all by itself.

In fact, you do new things as a leader. You help others to grow and inspire them to do better. As you lead by example, you will build friendships, and people will begin to look up to you. You will begin to help others in becoming a leader, too. Organizations need a steady supply of leaders! When you choose to step up to the challenge of leadership, your confidence will increase as you grow.

One disadvantage of leadership is that you are responsible for a lot more than you trained to handle. You must learn to be clear and easy to understand. You must develop a powerful vision. You are the one who sets goals. You are the one who decides to what delegate, and what to do yourself. You are responsible when things go wrong. You must figure out what happened and what to do next, no matter what chaos arises.

On the other hand, you may suffer if you don’t become the leader. Organizations need leaders. If no one steps up, then when things go wrong, the organization falls apart. People you like and trust lose their income. You are likely to follow! What if that is the only source of income for each of you? There are regrets for failing to step up to become the leader.

Dare to see the bigger picture. Dare to grow. Dare to risk succeeding or failing. Don’t follow the leader. We, all the people in the world, need you to step up. Don’t follow the leader: become the leader they follow!

By   Andrew   Clapton

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