Effective Lead Management Will Help Build Your Agency

Effective Lead Management Will Help Build Your Agency

Typical insurance agencies have grown over the years through phone calls, referrals, and local networking. Today’s insurance customer has changed from all the typical. Those customers are still out there, and still dominate the market, but there is a growing segment of customers who choose to utilize the internet.

Insurance agents will have to embrace this clientele to move forward with strength.

Times are changing in the need for agents to track where each lead comes from as well. If the lead was a referral from a loan broker, the local chamber of commerce, a purchased Excel spreadsheet or other resource. A good business owner knows what resources bring in the type of prospect that the agent is looking for and invests more time and energy in what works for them. No matter where your prospects come to your agency from, tracking and maintaining this information is good business.

Learning how to effectively manage your leads is the beginning to a successful growth strategy. Do your producers have a specific strategy to turn each sales opportunity into a closed sale? Part of an effective sales process is creating a specific sales process. The most efficient way to track if your sales team is following this sales plan is through the utilization of an effective Lead Management System. A good system makes the sales process easier and makes tracking your marketing and sales structure easier.

Look for a system that will allow agents to track notes, reminders and attach documents for each lead. Excel spreadsheets will only allow for limited notes and don’t hold all the coverage information for marketing at a later time. Scrolling through the fields creates confusion of which line to input information and does not allow agents to watch all correspondence to the prospects. Also, through utilizing a lead management system, the agency maintains ownership of the leads and the processes surrounding those leads.

Recording all activities for each lead also allows agency managers to determine what makes a great sales process. How many phone calls are expected, phone calls completed, and even verbiage throughout the sales process. Tracking these elements and analyzing them is crucial to the success of any agency.

Effective lead management is an important part of running a business. When your sales team’s time is spent contacting customers, generating new leads through sales calls and closing those deals, you are not only boosting the amount of sales calls that your office receives, you are also increasing your business’s revenue. Effective lead management is turning that revenue back into your business for further success and creating a never-ending stream of customer contact.

By John Benson

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