Some people are workers and are happy being told what to do and get paid from their steady job. Example is being a server, construction worker, sub-contractors, landscpers, hairstylist, etc. Professionals who are content to being in a routinized environment day in and day out.


There are people who are supervisors. Supervisors in which they chose to supervise their chosen profession in return for salary. These are your workers who have advanced into providing employers the eyes and ears of their company. Most of these people are loyal and long employees who knows their job so well that they’ve managed to be a necessity to their employer’s success.

Now the last type of worker is what you call the entrepreneur. These are the people who have experienced both sides of the career world battlefield. They are your hands on and leadership capable professionals. Only negative side of being an entrepreneur is the beginning.

This may seem as a crisis but its also an opportunity to learn about yourself. It takes an entrepreneur just seconds to come up with great business ideas, but gets discouraged when it comes to actually performing the chosen idea. The trick is to learn about what your skills and capabilities are and apply it to one of the ideas you have chosen.

After choosing a promising business, focus on it like a laser and find out everything and anything there is to know. Sooner or later you will be a success story and writing your own articles. An entrepreneur has a “never give up and forever learning” attitude in their mind. Competition is fierce but this is necessary in order to further evolve any country’s economy for the benefit of its citizens and mankind.

By  John Hester

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