Essential Components of Social Media Optimization

Essential Components of Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization form one of the main aspects of search engine reputation management strategy as well as online reputation management strategy which include defined set of activities implemented over varying media platforms, helping the small scale business houses in gaining supreme online presence.

With the help of SMO services, the small businesses can reach out to the pool of potential clients and draw them to their websites, eventually converting them into potential leads. Using social networking websites, blogs, discussion forums, video submission sites, content distribution through RSS, SMO services seek to hype the brand building program of a small scale industry to the very best.
As the traditional marketing campaigns were time consuming as well as expensive, SMO services have been lapped up by the small scale enterprises in order to strengthen their business’s online presence in best manner. With the breakneck popularity of the social media websites, the small businesses have now got the perfect avenue to promote their brands and services with al effectiveness.

The prime requisite to Optimization is adept strategy formulation and proper planning. Social media service is not all about blatant promotion rather the activities need to bear relevance to serve the purpose of the business houses to the best.

Social Media Optimization along with SEO seeks to increase a website’s visibility and drive volumes of web traffic. While SEO improves the webpage’s organic rank, optimization depends on the social media channels to generate traffic to the sites and foster its online presence.

SMO services by targeting the right network of online audience help a business to gain maximum exposure. There are certain factors which help empower the optimization service.

Content – It is a well known fact that “Content is the King” and in SMO, relevant content is crucial to inform and update the target audience as well as draw their interest. Unique and relevant content is thus necessary to appeal the target audience.

Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is one of the vital SMO services which provide proper exposure to the websites. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Blinklist, Delicious are some of the most useful destinations.

Blogging – This is one crucial aspect in optimization. Blog commenting, updating the posts and participation in other blogs are some viable ways through which you can initiate prospective thread of communication. In your company blogs, you can post views, images and videos about anything related to your business, be it launching of a new product or anything informal. Make sure that you encourage the visitors to post in their views and feedback on your blog posts.

RSS Feeding – RSS feed is one of the most effective ways of staying in touch with prospective customers. When a visitor subscribes to RSS feed of your blogs or articles, he will receive regular feeds when any stuff is added in future.
Discussion Forums- In social media optimization service, participation in the discussion forum is the key. The discussion forums potent channels for the small scale businesses through which message and information can be spread to targeted customers.
Video Promotion – Video broadcasting is one of the crucial parts in SMO services. Sharing interesting videos about different services, events, products in various video broadcasting sites such as YouTube help in spreading brand awareness to the best.

Social Media Optimization forms the cornerstone of an online business’s success. With proper strategy formulation and proper execution, small scale business can enjoy a prolific online presence.

By John Barney

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