Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

If you have been recently been promoted to higher position with more responsibility then you have more functional areas, larger staff, and high profile in the company. You are now the leader of a business unit. Earlier you must have led teams in only one or two areas but now your role has increased.

So apart from sales, marketing and business development you might have new functional areas such as finance, operations and R&D.

The responsibility is surely overwhelming and just the past methods of leadership won’t be sufficient. Now you have more challenges to meet and more complex role. The executive leadership coaching let you learn new leadership skills so you can approach any challenge confidently. A fresh approach will help you overcome difficulties. You need to develop and strengthen the leadership skills. A true leader usually has a more influencing ability and they don’t dictate how work should be done. It’s important to use the diplomatic skills to maintain harmony among peers. Your peers such as board members must have more negotiating skills and strong personalities.

Being an executive leader you need to keep in touch and know what’s happening on the front lines. The higher you climb the corporate ladder it becomes more difficult to get honest feedback. Direct reports do not deliver the bad news to you and they frequently agree by your decisions. It is important to locate the weaknesses so you need to contact directly with some of the clients/ customers and then discuss with employees to know where the problem exist.

An executive leader should delegate more fully. Don’t over supervise within the former area of responsibility. An executive is expected to learn new ideas, tools and terms for the betterment of the company. Executive leadership coaching is absolutely essential if you need to update yourself and learn about new leader behaviour. You need to be a learner if you are given the responsibility to brand new functional areas. Flexibility will enable you to grow within the organisation. You are the team leader and you need to set an example for direct reports so they can apply them as leaders to manage their own teams.

By Kevin Jones

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