Five Simple Strategies To Make More Sales With Your Home Based Business

Five Simple Strategies To Make More Sales With Your Home Based Business

  1. The “Blast From The Past” Strategy

The “if you order today, you will also receive all the past (bonuses or products) that I’ve previously removed…” strategy tells your prospects that in the past you removed some things from your offer that they would never have had the chance to get until now.


It could be older products, articles, reports, software, courses, content, etc.

  1. The “Bought Everything” Strategy

The “like you, I’ve bought products from everywhere imaginable and they still didn’t work…” strategy tells your prospects that you know that they have likely bought a lot of products from all sorts of places which never lived up to their claims. You could mention they may have bought them from infomercials, catalogs, the Internet, seminars, etc. You can say that after all those horrible experiences, you finally decided to develop a product that actually works.

  1. The “A Bonus Date” Strategy

The “special bonus just added! (date) (time)…” strategy tells your prospects that you recently added a new bonus to your offer. It may excite them that it has just been added because they will be one of the first to get it. You could even tell them the date your next new bonus will be added. They will assume they will keep getting new bonuses as a paid customer.

  1. The “Buyer Advantage” Strategy

The “all my paid customers get told about my new product releases before my regular prospects….” strategy tells your prospects that if they become a paid customer, they will get a chance to benefit from your new product releases before everyone else. You could give your paid customers another perk, like being the first to join your new affiliate program for the new products you release.

  1. The “Buy A Bio” Strategy

The “I’ll reveal more about my past with you when you become a customer…” strategy tells your prospects that they can learn more personal and professional things about you when they purchase your product. You could have a partial bio on your web site and a full bio sent with their product package or on your thank you page. Many people become curious about your whole life and history when they decide to purchase something from you.

By Tony King

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