Five Tips for Better Email Insurance Lead Generation

Five Tips for Better Email Insurance Lead Generation

How many times have you received an email in your Inbox and thought, “they just don’t get it. I’m too busy to try and figure out everything they want me to do.”?

So it likely goes into the trash.

Do your promotional emails go into the trash too? Rather than focus on all the reasons that might happen, let’s look at how to avoid that outcome in the first place and produce an email message that commands action.

Ask yourself these five questions before you begin writing:

1. What do you want the reader to do?

The only reason to send a promotional email is because you want the reader to DO SOMETHING. Identify what you want them to do and make that the focus of your email.

2. Why should the reader do it?

Identify the ONE primary reason or benefit that will make them care. Answer the question, “what’s in it for them”.

3. What does your subject line say?

In the blink of an eye, the reader scans the subject line to see if they want to stay with the email. Those 5-7 words are the most important words in your email. They’re like a big poster in a department store window encouraging you to come on in. Make them count.

4. How much time does it take to scan/read your email?

A person who knows you might take the time to read your email, but they still need a reason to do that. A stranger will judge your message in about 5 seconds and make that decision. In almost all cases, shorter copy and a crystal clear single action step are required to get the click.

5. Is your call to action clear?

You want the reader to click on something in your email: go to your website; sign up for a webinar or newsletter; visit a special web landing page… Make sure there’s no question how they take that final step.

Follow these basic five steps and the majority of your email messages will be put together so that a typical reader can make a decision – and either click, or not, on your offer.

Happy Hunting.

By John Benson

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