Five Ways to Increase Personal Sales

Five Ways to Increase Personal Sales

The professional sales person is always in need of a mental tune up. Those who face constant rejection must have an internal motivation system always up and running. Listening to tapes, motivational quotes and inspiring speakers help, but once you get your own internal motivator working, nothing will ever be the same. Here are five ways to make sure your internal motivation system is always on.

  1. First and foremost get your presentation down. You don’t have to have it word for word, but get to where you know your material backward and forward. The main reason for this is to relieve any internal anxiety about what you might or might not know. If you know your stuff you won’t have to worry about what you might have forgotten, which will magnify your confidence.
  1. Build your confidence. Spend time each morning preparing your appearance inside, as well as out. Take a few minutes to build an inner image of yourself presenting the best sales speech ever. This is what many athletes do. They “see” themselves crossing the finish line first. See your prospect as engaged and interested in your product.

Most important of all is forming a mental image or yourself closing the sale. Imagine yourself handing the pen to your new customer and see them signing the contract. Picture this over and over again before it actually takes place, and you will see it often in reality.

  1. During the presentation make sure you maintain eye contact with your prospect. Note any questions and answer them truthfully when asked. If you don’t know the answer, be honest, but promise to find the answer out for them. Answer questions, when possible, with a question. This will keep them engaged and interested. Find out what their needs are, and then tell them how your product can meet that need.
  1. Once you have zeroed in on the best product to fill your customers need, take a mental deep breath because you’re almost there. If you believe in your heart that your product will satisfy your customer, then convincing them of that fact should be easy.
  1. See yourself closing the sale. Always be closing. The main mistake many new sales people make is not recognizing buying signals when they come. Too many sales people keep trying when they have the sale in the bag. Expecting the sale at any point can erase this problem.

Mental persistence in seeing yourself as a producing sales person is half the battle. Keeping that image is the challenge, especially after a few turn downs. Keep it foremost in your mind that no matter how many missed opportunities… the next one is a sale!

By  Devin  Mason

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