Focus Your Marketing Strategy & Increase Your Success

Focus Your Marketing Strategy & Increase Your Success

Unfortunately, many people get confused and try to achieve more than one main objective with each of their marketing elements.

Focus Your Marketing Strategy & Increase Your Success

Let me explain this further…

Let’s say you send a two-page sales letter to your prospects (target market). The main objective is to generate qualified leads. You’re using a Special Report as the ‘offer’. That’s easy enough to understand. But here’s where most people go wrong…

Remember, the main objective is to get qualified leads using the Special Report as the offer (in this case). That means you need to completely focus on the Special Report and explain why your prospects should respond.

That’s all that matters.

What lot’s of people do is lose this “Focus'” and try to achieve several things at once.

They try to get an appointment, get the prospect to phone, and the Special Report is almost incidental. As a result, prospective customers get confused, lose interest and the letter you thought would have the phone ringing off the hook ends up in the bin.

By using this ‘scattergun’ approach you significantly reduce response and waste money.

Fewer responses mean fewer sales.

So, no matter what medium you are using – it could be a sales letter, postcard, website, leaflet, newspaper advertisement – always ensure that you are completely focused on achieving one outcome only. Once you’ve achieved that outcome then you can lead the prospect through the sales process.

For this reason, you also need to make the “first step” as simple and pain-free as possible.

Remember this – by keeping things simple you make it easier on yourself and your prospective client.

By Liam Dawe

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