Franchise Opportunity – Questions To Ask The Franchisor

Franchise Opportunity – Questions To Ask The Franchisor

Finding The Right Franchise

Whether it’s hamburgers, pizza, telecom, coffee, Internet, muffler parts, or seniors’ services, there are Franchise opportunities available to evaluate. There are great Franchise systems, good Franchise systems, and bad Franchise systems. The challenge is to ask the right questions to find the right system that will fit your goals and dreams.

Franchise Opportunity - Questions To Ask The Franchisor

The key is to ask the questions – and listen closely to the responses. Only then can you determine if the Franchise opportunity is the right fit for you. So whether it’s food services like burgers or coffee, professional services like telecom or IT, or manual services like cleaning or oil changes, ask the questions and record the answers.

Is The Franchise Scalable?

This issue relates to your own targets, as they all do. If you want to grow a your business to leverage the Franchise process in multiple locations, or by leveraging the results of a number of employees, or by any other criteria appropriate for the business, does the Franchisor allow for that growth? If leverage is one of your goals, and the means and market are available in the Franchise system, what is the cost of that leverage?

Some systems that provide services, won’t allow you to hire employees, while others encourage it. In the case of the systems that encourage it, you should ask about the cost of adding units in that strategy, and the training process for any new employees.

In retail environments, the leverage will come from additional locations, or physical expansion, or additional product lines, so your questions must relate to that availability, and the capital cost required to execute the strategy.

Other related questions include asking about geographic restrictions to where you can build business. Again, some Franchises have geographic restrictions, while others allow you to build business without reference to the map.

The important thing is to ask the questions, and understand the answers to make sure your future growth goals can be met by the system you are assessing.

By  John Hester

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