Google Insurance Agent Referrals and the Popularity Contest

Google Insurance Agent Referrals and the Popularity Contest

OK, as a smart insurance agent marketing your agency to new prospects, you spend a ton of time making sure your clients are satisfied and will readily refer you to their friends and associates. The word-of-mouth referral is an unbeatable source of writing more policies for your agency. Your insurance agency Brand–the essence of who you are in the mind of your customer–your Brand must remain highly polished.

But guess what, search engines don’t see your Brand the same way humans do. Human clients look at what you’ve done for them as individuals, one at a time–you kept rates reasonable, you went to bat for them to customize a policy that was really best for them, you handled a claim quickly, you answered the phone right away–in other words, you cared about them, as a customer, one at a time.

Many of your clients have no idea who your other clients are. They don’t talk to your other clients, they don’t interact with them. Of course, some of them do, but most don’t and could often care less about who else you have as a client. Their entire perception of you is built on what you are doing for them, one-on-one.

Search engines, however, care a great deal about who is talking about you. Actually, it is one of the most important factors in their referring you to the people who are searching. People talking about you on the web is important; people talking about you on the web and then providing a link from their website back to your site is vital. People talking insurance about you and then linking back to your site (which of course will also discuss insurance) is golden.

The more links you have to your insurance agent website from pages on other sites that mention insurance the higher your search ranking will be in the search engines. Higher search-ranking equals a better insurance agent referral from a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

By Michael Williams

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